All That Jazz

Through his trumpet, Arturo Sandoval has broken down borders. And when he appears at the Magic City Casino this Saturday, all the influences that made this legendary trumpeter will be on display: from bebop to classical to Afro-Cuban. Need pedigree? Dizzy Gillespie was Sandoval’s “spiritual father.” The two met in 1977 in Cuba when Gillespie went looking for a style of rumba native to the black neighborhoods of Cuba, called guaguanco. Sandoval agreed to show him around and then surprised Gillespie by joining a group onstage and representing his skills. Later, Gillespie helped Sandoval to remain in the United States when he sought political asylum from Cuba in 1990.

Though you can’t see Gillespie perform anymore, you can still see Sandoval, whose diverse style encompasses a bit of his former mentor and will remind you that music is the language of the world.
Sat., Jan. 16, 7 p.m., 2010


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