All New World's a Stage

In the spirit of growth, the New World School of the Arts (recently named the best arts high school in the country by Redbook magazine) presents a conference and play festival featuring the work of critic/translator/author/playwright Eric Bentley, who introduced American audiences to Brecht and Pirandello, and who today remains one of the most respected names in theater. Three of Bentley's plays - including the comedy Concord - will be performed by the New World Repertory Company, the Alleyway Theatre of Buffalo, and Florida International University.

Along with Bentley, major figures are scheduled to discuss playwriting, directing, and criticism. They include Garry Hynes, artistic director of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin (responsible for the current Broadway hit, Dancing at Lughnasa), and Irving Wardle, the critic for the London Times. I helped organize this conference, which puts me in a pretty confident position to recommend it for students, teachers, theater professionals, and drama buffs.


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