All Hail McHale

Because he hasn’t yet had an icky cameo on Glee, you might not realize that actor and comedian Joel McHale’s star is cresting. He plays heartthrob Jeff Winger, a lawyer forced to go back to junior college, on NBC’s Community. And he hosts E!’s The Soup, a clip show that mocks the very Hollywood culture that the celebrity-obsessed channel encourages. Despite two popular shows and his role in three upcoming blockbusters, McHale is still tearing up the stand-up circuit. When he stops at the Hard Rock this Saturday, expect him to lacerate the cult of celebrity (specifically Ryan Seacrest) and hyperbolize parenthood. As he recently tweeted: “My three year old is upstairs stomping around screaming, ‘Where’s my knife?! Where’s my knife?!’ So Proud. #raisingaDanielDayLewisCharacter.”
Sat., June 11, 8 p.m., 2011


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