All Hail Jungle Drums

When you hear the words animal tropical, the creatures that come to mind are probably marmosets, macaws, and tree frogs — not a bunch of smartly coiffed indie dudes who smell like pipe smoke. Nevertheless, Animal Tropical is a Miami-based quartet (singer Jose Castello, bassist Jarrett Hann, guitarist Kristopher Pabon, and drummer Jorge Rubiera) that specializes in a heady kind of noise that could be called "anthropological world beat pop."

Just last year, this foursome released its debut EP, a six-song slice titled Doom Years. And now the band is busy recording a followup that'll be hitting finer music retailers sometime in midyear. But this Friday, the bandmates will take a break from their studio research to conduct a public seminar at the Vagabond.
Fri., March 5, 10 p.m., 2010


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