All Hail Beyoncé, AKA Sasha Fierce

When Beyoncé said goodbye to Destiny’s Child to embark on a solo career, music critics, fans, and haters compared her to Diana Ross. They called her a ruthless and selfish woman who had left her friends in the dust in the name of moola. Seven years later, people are hardly questioning why Ms. Knowles left Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland behind; they’re just singing “Alllll my single ladies...” at the top of their lungs. Whether you are a pop lover or a music snob, Queen B is undeniably an unparalleled force of nature. Singing and dancing nonstop, she never misses a beat and hardly takes a breath. Her performances are reminiscent of Las Vegas productions and a time when the ladies of music (think Tina Turner and Cher) put on a show. Costumes, full sets, and, most of all, talent will be on display this Monday at the BankAtlantic Center. If last year’s show was any indication, your butt will barely hit your seat. So wear your dancing shoes. Beyoncé (known as Sasha Fierce when she’s in performance mode) will play hits from her entire career, with DC and without. She has sung for the Obamas, at the Super Bowl, and most likely for hubby Jay-Z. Now let her sing to you.
Mon., June 29, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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