All Families Are Psychotic

In 1970s New York, the Durst family was a powerful force in the world of real estate, with a fortune estimated at $650 million dollars. Of the four children, the eldest, Robert, was a rebellious type. He married a beautiful woman named Kathie, and the two were quite happy, living outside the reach of the slimy family business… for a time. In 1982, Kathie mysteriously disappeared. Eighteen years later, two other people in the Durst’s sphere were brutally murdered, and the scion didn’t show up for the related court hearings. Eventually, Robert, who had long been in questionable shape psychologically, was caught wearing a woman’s wig and a mustache. He was stealing a chicken sandwich and Band-Aids from a Pennsylvania grocer, though he had $500 in his pocket at the time. This true story is the basis for All Good Things, a film directed by Andrew Jarecki (who also directed Academy Award-nominated Capturing the Friedmans). In the film, all names have been changed — Robert Durst is David Marks (Ryan Gosling) and Kathie is Katie (Kirsten Dunst) — but the psychotic family drama remains the same. See a family crazier than your own when the film screens at Coral Gables Art Cinema. Check out our review here. The film screens through January 27.
Sun., Jan. 23, 2011


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