Ain’t No Party Like a Miami Party

Art Basel and Winter Music Conference. What do these two hugely popular Miami events have in common? They both attract throngs of ridiculously wealthy tourists, they both seem to be a siren call for Europeans and the scantily clad women who love them, and they’re both heavily concentrated on South Beach. And oh yeah, according to filmmaker/artist Francesca Seiden of 3GZ productions, both Basel and WMC don’t show nearly enough love to the locals. In response to the overbearing and overpriced music events you’re bound to be inundated with this week, she’s created the Noises from the Underground showcase. Why? “Most of our coolest local artists live downtown. We don’t go to South Beach! We don’t pay $15 for a cocktail,” she declares. “Our thing will be locals only – visual art, Miami DJs ... it’s our own little off-the-Beach WMC event,” she adds. Sounds great to us!

At Noises from the Underground, Seiden will screen 3GZ’s music doc, Darkbeat: An Electro World Voyage. There’ll be eclectic laptop-produced sounds by Electric Porkchop, house by DJ Zalman, and Nineties-style industrial and nu-rave remixes courtesy of Cosmo. For a visual trip, check out graffiti art by Claudio Picasso and Mitch Coffman, as well as fly photography by Miles, Kerry McLaney, and Seiden herself. And the whole fiesta will take place at Jude Papaloko’s bright and inspiring Jakmel Art Gallery, so you can feast your eyes on his sumptuous work as well.
Thu., March 27, 2008


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