Ain’t Easy Being Green

Miami is not known for its extensive Irish-American population. So this week, don't expect rivers to be dyed green in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. But in the wake of last year's South Park-inspired "Kick a Ginger Day," we should all eat corned beef and drink green beer in solidarity against such hate crimes. Though the deal is off if we get pinched even once for not wearing green. Hear that, redheads? Keep your fingers to yourself.

Coral Gables is home to just about all of Miami's emerald-hued St. Paddy's Day fun. The 32nd annual St. Patrick's Day Irish Festival begins at noon this Saturday. Enjoy soda bread and whiskey as the Irish entertain you with their pipe hands, harps, and river dances. Have enough Jameson and you'll likely join in on the lyrics to "Molly Malone."
Sat., March 13, noon, 2010


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