Artist Ahol Sniffs Glue to Open Pop-Up Shop in Downtown Miami

Ahol Sniffs Glue’s Cyber Trap Boutique in Flagler Station.
Ahol Sniffs Glue’s Cyber Trap Boutique in Flagler Station. Ahol Sniffs Glue
Watch out, downtown Miami. David Anasagasti, better known as artist Ahol Sniffs Glue, is opening a souvenir-kiosk-inspired pop-up on Flagler Street called Ahol Sniffs Glue’s Cyber Trap Boutique. The store will debut at the very Miami time of 3:05 p.m. this Saturday with a party fueled by waffles, ice cream, beer, and music.

“It definitely marks a new period in my artistic career. This is just another example that there is nothing that can stop my drive to do whatever I feel... This is a way of me showing myself that I can do whatever the hell I want to do when I want to do it,” Ahol says.

The kiosk shares its name with Ahol's online store and will sell a variety of exclusive, limited-edition items ranging in price from $5 to $550, including “A hole in 1" golf balls; hats and raincoats made in partnership with Dade Wear, a Miami-based apparel line; flasks; shower curtains; bathmats; his newly released book, Cellular Fuckery; art canvases; and a variety of other domestic items. One running theme in this eclectic range of items is his signature eyeball tag and the emblazoned tagline “Miami Full Time.”

“'Miami Full Time' is something I started putting up as a Miami self-empowering statement... to have pride and respect for our glorious city. [It’s] a reminder that this is the city I was born in, raised in, and my duty to represent for. When people see my work, I want them to know without a doubt that I am a Miami artist. Miami Full Time: It’s even fun to say,” Ahol says.

The storefront, nestled in the Flagler Station shopping arcade, is adjacent to a perfume shop and across from a commercial real-estate office that exhibits Ahol’s art. Spray-painted in a blood-red optical illusion of the artist’s signature sleepy eyeballs, the store announces its character, much like the outspoken Ahol.
Though art canvases are usually sold in galleries and artist-made products are sold in museum shops, Ahol is taking the established commercial tactics of the art world into his own hands. He says, “This is just another way to test and to show that conventional ways are outdated and should and could be challenged.”

Exhibiting a glowing pride for his city, Ahol says he is giving downtown Miami the attention it deserves. The area has a reputation as a dead zone for retail, but the artist is taking advantage of the location’s resources and foot traffic to put a unique spin on the downtown shopping experience.

“That area was calling my name, and I love it out here," he explains. "The souvenir game is a demographic that I felt was heavily neglected. I’m here to give it that much-needed attention.”

If you want to shop the Ahol boutique in person, better keep your Saturday open. Ahol says no long-term store presence or hours have been confirmed yet. Asked about the store's schedule after its opening event, he exclaims, “Too soon to tell — hopefully 24/7!”

Saturday's party will offer music by DJ Skitty and complimentary waffles by WaffleWaffle, ice cream from Azucar Ice Cream, and Peroni beer. Univision’s U-Lab will stream the event live in 360, and World Red Eye will take photos and film onsite.

As the clock ticks down, Ahol continues to hustle into the late hours of the night to prepare for his upcoming venture. “I’m very excited to take on a fun new project,” he says. “Big up everyone doing what they love. Big up everyone putting in work to keep Miami on top. And big up everyone supporting what I do. I love you.”

Ahol Sniffs Glue's Cyber Trap Boutique opening party. 3:05 to 8 p.m. Saturday, August 5, at Flagler Station, 48 E. Flagler St., #7, Miami. Admission is free.
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