Addicted to Speed

Speedboats have always been tied up in guns, drugs, big money, and murder, so it’s no surprise that they were invented in South Florida. (Check out Thunder Man, the bio-pic of cigarette boat designer Don Aronow.) Well, go-fast boats aren’t just for cocaine trafficking anymore. They’ve got submarines for that now. These days, so-called “super boats” have only one real purpose, to go 200 miles per hour over the ocean’s surface just because they can. At this weekend’s 20th anniversary edition of the Super Boat Grand Prix, power incarnate will circle 6.5 miles of our coastline while doing more speed than a Reno hooker. This Friday, get up close and personal with the boats for free in the dry pits at Bicentennial Park; meet the drivers there on Saturday; then see the 50-foot monsters go at it from the sands of Miami Beach between 8th and 47th streets on Sunday.
Fri., April 16, 9 a.m., 2010


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