Spend Father's Day with Fido
Spend Father's Day with Fido
Juan Carlos Rodriguez

About a Dog

It's tough being a dad in this world of uncertainties and expectations. Alimony keeps the ex-wife at bay, and tuition payments keep your ungrateful offspring from dissing you outright 24/7. But there is one little loved one in your life who will always consider you the supreme daddy numero uno, your little canine friend, who just can't contain his love every time you walk through the door.

Instead of subjecting yourself this Father's Day to the obligatory and guilt-ridden "family" gathering, why not honor the daddy love that really counts? Sip mimosas and gulp gourmet dog biscuits with your buddy at the third annual Father's Day Bone Appetit Brunch.

No golf glove, designer tie, or cheap cologne can compare to the satisfaction you'll feel when you see your little buddy -- who has stuck with you through thick and thin -- munching on the goodies Loews Miami Beach Hotel's executive chef and dog lover, Marc Ehrler, whipped up just for him. We're not talking table scraps: The main course is Chow Hound Chicken, a delicate assemblage of fresh hen, celery, and olive oil.


The Father's Day Bone Appetit Brunch

The Loews Miami Beach Hotel, 1601 Collins Ave.

10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Sunday, June 16, Admission is $25; pets and children under 12 get in free. Call 305-604-5467 for reservations.

Reciprocate your pal's boundless love by treating him to a professional doggy massage from Teresa Rivezzo, whose acupressure rubdown promises to melt tensions. Yes, a shiatsu for your Shih Tzu. Think doggie lives a stress-free life? Think again. He feels your pain, ALL the time. Rivezzo promotes therapeutic stroking to help heal neurotic pooches. "Petting a dog is always good," she says. "But with a massage you bond, you go deeper and release things like trauma or toxins."

After he is fed and mellow, scope out the latest in canine couture during a fashion show coordinated by the Dog Bar. Then compete in the Dad and Dog Look Alike Contest, with prizes ranging from toys to an all-expense-paid weekend at the Loews. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Humane Society and sales of specially made Benefit Bones will go to American Kennel Club's Canine Support and Relief Fund for Police Search and Rescue Dog Teams. Woof!


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