A Taste for Travel

If you’re a world traveler, your passport is filled with colorful stamps that represent all the exotic places you’ve visited. If you’re a gourmand, those stamps remind you of the delicious grub you’ve devoured on your globetrotting adventures. Ah, bittersweet memories of that to-die-for Szechuan in Shanghai. But the bangers and mash in London were more mush than mash, and that pastry in Paris made you exclaim quelle horreur rather than ooh la la. Save your miles and let your tongue travel without leaving the 305. Ola Restaurant is offering a Passport to Summer Dining Program, and all you need is $35 for a prix fixe menu to Deliciousville.

Stop by the restaurant to “apply” for your passport in person. This month’s culinary destination is Brazil, and after enjoying caipirinhas, pan de queso stuffed with pork, and xim xim (a dish that combines shrimp and thinly sliced chicken breast with coconut sauce, bacon-wrapped bananas, and farina de farofa), you get a colorful stamp in your cool new passport. Next month, Argentina! Call 305-695-9125 to book your reservation.
Wed., June 27


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