A Spoonful of Fun

The day we moved out of our parents’ home, we could have sworn we heard the walls singing, “Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!” Sure, we had thrown a wild party or two during that fabulously raucous blur called high school, and, yeah, Jell-O shots graffiti-ed those stucco bastards more than once, but underage libations made us do it. Once we hit 18, the years of domestic revelry were over, and now hundreds of Day-Glo wristbands and a mean alcohol addiction later, we’ve found ourselves in club hell. If your party life is like ours — in need of some CPR — hit Provocateur and bask in the cure for the common club. Each Wednesday, Plum TV and Supernova Production present Finding Your Cure (FYC), the party equivalent of someone shoving a spoonful of (your favorite flavor here) Häagen-Dazs down your throat. There’ll be live music, live art, and a real, live Guitar Hero competition at 9 p.m. “It’s gonna be controlled confusion,” promises FYC brainchild and Plum TV senior producer Michael Honablue. “We’re gonna take on the essence of a house party. No one’s doing that shit anymore, but I want to feel like I’m inviting people to my house and playing games, having a live band, and drinking.” DJ Tom LaRoc will rock FYC’s turntables, the open bar is from 10 to 11, and the whole thing will be captured for Plum and aired on the late-night show of the same name. The party rocks till 5 a.m.
Wednesdays, 2009


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