A Rock Family Tradition

One has to wonder why Tony Rock decided to follow in brother Chris’ footsteps. Living in a sibling’s shadow is never an easy thing, but when he’s one of the world’s most recognized and adored comics it’s damn near impossible. Tony hasn’t let that deter him from attempting a stand up career, and by all accounts he’s doing a pretty damn good job. He’s been featured on most of the late night talk shows and has a Def Comedy Jam special to his credit. Tony doesn’t try to be like his brother on stage; instead he sticks with observational humor heavy with racial stereotyping, and gets way more laughs than you’d expect.

If you want to hear what a famous comedian’s brother sounds like, drive out to Improv Paradise live, at 5700 Seminole Way in Hollywood, Thursday through Sunday. Tickets cost $16. Call 954-981-5653, or visit improvftl.com for showtimes
Thu., May 7, 2009


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