A Rivalry Revisited

The mental image of LeBron James in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey is slowly fading into the annals of NBA history. In the meantime, the Miami Heat’s de facto team leader is being immortalized in the familiar black and red after leading our hometown team to three NBA Finals in a row, winning two, and collecting two league MVP awards while doing so. Every time these teams face off, it’s like bringing your high school baby mama to your supermodel girlfriend’s birthday party. Everyone knows who won in that deal, and your baby mama is left dragging around an everyday reminder of your failed relationship in a stroller. Unfortunately, the question remains: Will Miami join Cleveland as jilted basketball lovers? LeBron can opt out after this year, and speculation abounds. Will Miami also be burned by a YMCA gym announcement? In the meantime, we should appreciate the King while he’s here, doing what he does so well: making other basketball teams look foolish.
Sat., Dec. 14, 7:30 p.m., 2013


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