A Real Slip ’n’ Slide

Your dog-loving friends have been teasing you for years about your penchant for cold-blooded pets, but you’ve always chalked it up to extreme hateration. After all, when was the last time their precious Rex devoured their rodent problem in two minutes flat? We say ignore them, because today your real friends at Jungle Island are showing you and your slithery buddy some love with Sssserpent Ssssunday.

Today you’ll be able to bring your favorite turtles, snakes, and other reptiles to the park to compete in a pageant where they can win the title of Best in Show, Most Unusual Reptile, or People’s Choice. Just make sure the slippery fellas have a permit and are in the proper carrier. And if you would rather watch all the slithering and sliding from afar, you can still visit Jungle residents Hank the crocosaurus and Coco the white albino alligator. Admission is free if you bring in your reptile, $25.95 without.
Sun., Sept. 23, 2007


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