A Different Kind of Peepshow

If evolutionary theory is correct and nature really does select the animals that best adapt to their surroundings, humans in year 10,000 are going to have some bulbous optic nerves. Those thin channels now have the weight and size of dental floss, but at the rate we’re sucking down YouTube videos, they’ll soon have the pound test to catch great white sharks.

Don’t get left behind, Darwin. Make sure you catch Optic Nerve XI, the Museum of Contemporary Art’s annual festival of innovative South Floridian retinal assault. With a maximum running time of five minutes, these 15 flicks don’t have time for credit sequences of the protagonist waking up and eating breakfast. Expect high concept and low BS from artists such as the TM Sisters, 131 Projects, Studio El Condor, and Cristina Molina.
Fri., Aug. 7, 7 & 9 p.m., 2009


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