A Bicycle Country at the Roxy Performing Arts Center Through June 24

In Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Nilo Cruz's A Bicycle Country, three Cuban exiles relate their harrowing tales of personal and treacherous journeys to Miami from their oppressed island nation. Like most plays that tackle the timeless subject of freedom at all costs, A Bicycle Country delves into familiar themes of oppression, liberty, survival, and hope among El Exilio. Cruz's poetic prose and penchant for telling stories that are drenched in symbolism and fantasy set this play apart from others that have tackled this universal genre. It's a moving and poignant play where audiences — Cubans and non-Cubans — are thrust into a real, stirring, and contemplative examination of cultural identity we can all relate to. Stage plays about Cuban exiles' uncertain search for freedom is nothing new in this town. But a profound script by the incomparable Cruz performed by New Theatre's talented cast and crew makes A Bicycle Country must-see theater.


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