18 Things to Do in Miami Before You Turn 30

This is you. This is your life.
This is you. This is your life.
Photo by George Martinez

People say Florida is where old people go to die, and maybe that's right, because Miami is basically nothing like the rest of Florida. We are a city made for the young and beautiful. Good luck enjoying this town if you're not one of us.

In case you are, there are plenty of things you have to soak up while you still can. Your teens and 20s are the years you're not only allowed but also required to make some bad decisions.

Miami is all about bad decisions. Some of these bad decisions are actually very good ones, and we compiled our favorites into a simple guide. Seize the day, stay up all night, rinse, repeat.

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"Hey, turn that light out!" "Dude, that's the sun."
"Hey, turn that light out!" "Dude, that's the sun."
Photo by Nicole Cussell

18. Watch the sunrise from the Space terrace

If you're not in the industry and you do this after 30, re-evaluate your life choices.

17. End a fun night out with an eventful trip to Jackson Memorial Hospital's emergency room

Dude, like, this is the craziest place you'll ever go. You will leave with stories and a huge bill.

16. Hang out at the Fontainebleau pool in a '40s-era bathing suit

Get your James Bond on, bro.

15. Visit a voodoo priest in Little Haiti

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If you pay someone to do your dirty work for you, it's not your bad thing.

14. Get kicked out of a bar or club for being too rowdy

"Are you fucking kidding me? Do you know who I am?" By the time you reach your 30s, you'll know the crushing answer to that question.

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