Powell realizes his drive to run will never equal that of Shorter's, or even his dad's, partly because his demons just don't run as deep. Powell's father might not have been the most loving, but Shorter's dad was physically and sexually abusive.

"The fear of my dad and his high standards was a false front," Powell writes near the end of Running Away. "I don't have a steady job. I don't have a house on a golf course. I divorced, as he never would. Therefore, I'm a failure.

"But I'm not my dad," he continues. "I'm a totally different dude. I don't know if I even want a house and kids, really. Or the nine-to-five he clocked for more than forty years. I don't think it's an accident I'm not living his life."

Since Powell wrote Running Away in 2008, his life has taken twists and turns. Publishers passed on the memoir, so he moved to the murderous Mexican city of Juárez to write a book about soccer. Then he did the unthinkable: He moved back to Miami, the city he left four years earlier for fear of ending up like his uncle, dead in a bathtub.

This time, he is more motivated. Powell struck a deal with Amazon to publish Running Away.

And at a book reading last month, he told a small crowd that he was still writing — and running. "That's the takeaway from my time in Boulder," he writes near the end of the memoir. "There is nobility in not quitting."

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