Best of Miami 2014: Game On!

Best of Miami 2014: Game On!

Grab your controller and heed the call of duty. It's time to read about the best places to eat brunch, drink beer, and party until dawn in Miami. Here you'll find 320 of our picks for the greatest artists, musicians, and restaurateurs in this steamy subtropical beach megalopolis. You'll also discover the results of our Readers' Poll, which was assembled from months of voting.

So read on, you Koopa Troopa. Best of Miami® will surprise you with the top politician, the finest new restaurant, and the number one bar in Miami Beach, to name just a few.

Avoid mortal combat. Game on!

Check out all the choices at

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I do not get it, a video game issue, yet no video game or Arcades were awarded best of anything? In fact the issue has nothing to do with Video Gaming at all.  Well done New times, Well done.

frankd4 topcommenter

...................nothing much else makes sense about the reporting either whereas obvious selections are because those entities ADVERTISE in the paper so are "rewarded"

go to YELP or ZAGAT for the real reviews of real people who have patronized these entities for a truer picture

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