Reader Mail: Sex, Homeless, and the One True Rapper

Cubadave: The Great and the Grimy

"The whole subtext of the article is a moral judgment of a man's sexual activities. I assume the author would have Dave and all men behave in strict accordance with her conservative or feminist/liberal ideology."

It's legal, dammit: I have several comments and questions about Allie Conti's December 12 story, "Old Dogs, Young Tricks": (1) What is the point of this article? Cubadave (and others) go to other countries to legally engage in fun, consensual sex with adult Latin ladies. Prostitution is legal in those countries. I applaud Cubadave for living his life the way he wants and having fun in his own way. The whole subtext of the article is a moral judgment of a man's sexual activities. I assume the author would have Dave and all men behave in strict accordance with her conservative or feminist/liberal ideology. Many gay men travel to Latin America for sex, but I seriously doubt Allie Conti would ever impose a moral judgment on these men. (2) I knew Noah Goldberg. He provided tours of the city he loved, Medellín, Colombia. I took several of his tours, and sex with prostitutes was never the objective. Noah was slandered on the forums and private blogs by people who did not know him. His only mistake was borrowing money from the wrong people and having a drug habit. The author of this article took verbatim the innuendo and character assassination she read online and reprinted it as indisputable fact. Conti has very low journalistic standards and no credibility in her writing. She should do her homework and keep her moral judgments to herself! RUNNINGBEAR

But it's exploitation, dammit: Sex is definitely not this man's only vice! How about aiding the systematic sexual exploitation of a politically and economically disadvantaged people?! I'm horrified. STEPHANIE LOPEZ-PEZZY

But really, money is the question: Wow, interesting stories. I'm considering Colombia myself as I am running out of places to go. Just how much cash does Cubadave make? SIRMARJALOT

How to Help the Homeless

Take 'em to a hotel: It's obvious how badly intentioned Jeff Weinberger's December 12 story "Insult to Injury" was. It's obvious that Weinberger works for Benjamin Waxman and the American Civil Liberties Union. My kids and I have been homeless, sleeping in a car, and the "green shirts" picked us all up and not only took us to a modest motel but also provided us with food and later shelter. Through their assistance, we are now living in our own apartment. Day and night, I saw them bringing people to the shelters. Is that wrong? It's obvious that bad-intentioned people manipulate the media and public opinion. This article is misleading and written by a person who should not call himself a journalist. Shame on you, Mr. Weinberger. I will always be grateful to the homeless system in Miami. They dragged my family from the most distressful circumstances we have ever been in. Every person who helped us was humble. They don't deserve this defamation. ARIEL ALFONSO LEDESMA

The Luke Debate

He has guts: Regarding Luther Campbell's December 12 column about his finally receiving a lifetime achievement award: It's interesting how the industry has ignored Southern rap music unless it's a megahit. I was working at the Record Bar when the whole 2 Live Crew controversy started. With all the music in our store, we were selling 2 Live Crew records so fast that we didn't even have time to put them on the shelf. We just sold them right out of the box from behind the counter. The interesting thing is the people buying the CDs, tapes, and even records back then were black, white, Latino, and everything else. Whether you like the music or not was not the point. The fact that such a phenomenon could be driven by a boy from Liberty City was something to behold. It's interesting that Luke mentioned how Yo! MTV Raps dissed him, because I was listening to XM Radio yesterday, and that's where Ed Lover is DJing now, and guess what he played in his throwback set? "Me So Horny"! In addition, the hottest international rapper on the planet right now, Pitbull, got his break with Luke. Being from the South and loving all kinds of music — country, pop, rap and jazz — I appreciate rap as an expression. I think Luke deserves to be recognized because, good or bad, he changed the music industry. DJACE2000

Hey, dawg, we published this; now pay us $50: Lukeydawg, Campbell v. Acuff-Rose in 1994 was about the right to create a parody without penalty. The case decided that parodies are fair use as long as they're sufficiently transformative of the original work and as long as they poke fun at the original work. Your case had nothing — absolutely nothing — to do with raunchy lyrics. The U.S. Supreme Court protected raunchy statements as far back as 1970 in Cohen v. California. Indeed, the lyrics of your parody "Pretty Woman" are as clean as your hands before you bite into a Big Mac. What's wrong with you that you even forget about your own case, dawg? If some stupid local judge found the lyrics of any of your songs "raunchy," that judge would be quickly overruled by a higher judge who knows the U.S. has not banned raunchy lyrics for decades. People should be free to poke fun at cops or Muhammad the supposed prophet or Ted Cruz or anyone else. Right, dawg? Now let's see if you really support free speech and allow this message to exist on your board. WHATUPYOYOYO

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