Strecker says he always asks permission to take photos of the working women in Sosua because he knows what the consequences could be for them if a boyfriend or husband found out what they were doing. It's what he calls his "golden rule."

It never occurred to Rosa, though, that Strecker could be making money off her pimping.

A typical Cubadave post contains a handful of photos — Strecker riding banana boats and dining at open-air restaurants with exotic women, as well as more suggestive ones of the women down on all fours. He's smiling and almost glowing orange in picture after picture of himself surrounded by a gaggle of dark-skinned companions with fake breasts. Strecker also posts pictures that seem to promote regular businesses and has catalogued the women at Rosa's giving manicures and back massages.

Rosa accesses the internet for 32 Dominican pesos (about 75 cents) per hour using connection cards and sells sex to support her 6-year-old daughter, she says. She employs five or six girls at any one time. She got access to Facebook only about a year ago and now boasts of friends all over the world — Spain, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Miami.

Dave poses in his Key West bedroom, which is covered with pictures of prostitutes he's slept with at least ten times.
Kristin Björnsen
Dave poses in his Key West bedroom, which is covered with pictures of prostitutes he's slept with at least ten times.
Dominican women chase Dave down the street because a plug on his website means customers will know to ask for them by name.
Courtesy of David Strecker
Dominican women chase Dave down the street because a plug on his website means customers will know to ask for them by name.

Strecker is just one of these foreign friends, although he is probably her most important connection. Rosa says men follow him down the streets of Sosua like a celebrity, calling him the "Minister of Information." On the other hand, women seek his attention as a means to reach customers who will know to ask for them by name. So valuable is a plug on his website that prostitutes supposedly offer to sleep with Strecker in exchange for a review.

It never occurred to Rosa, though, that Strecker could be making money off her pimping. She believes he is wealthy, because he travels from Florida once per month at least. He must be a popular entertainer, she says, because as soon as he arrives in town, women run up to him while shouting, "Cuba! Cuba! Cuba!"

Recently, authorities have cracked down on prostitution in Sosua. There were about 30 massage parlors near the hotel strip in Sosua where Rosa's Salon stands. Cops shut down 16 of them in one fell swoop on an afternoon in July. Rosa was forced to close her place too, but this past October, she opened a new beauty salon that doesn't advertise massages. She still offers sex on the sly, though.

And, of course, she wants Strecker to take pictures of her new business so she can get off on the right foot. "He's doing this out of the kindness of his heart," she says.

It was midnight on a Wednesday when Noah Goldberg was shot dead. The 48-year-old Brooklyn man was sitting with a younger man and a local girl at a table in a Medellín restaurant when two others finished the last of their beer, stood up from an adjacent table, and wordlessly fired once into his shoulder and then into his skull. They fled the restaurant and have yet to be apprehended even though they left behind a jacket and two T-shirts. "Possibly his assassination was an order, but we don't know whose," the commander of the Medellín Metro Police, Yesid Vásquez, told the local newspaper El Colombiano in May 2012.

For years, most Latin American and Caribbean officials have turned a blind eye to prostitution and sex tourism. But recently, there's been trouble in paradise.

Newspapers in Colombia were quick to report that Goldberg was one of three expatriates murdered in that country in 2012. According to several internet sites, including Expat Chronicles, he was better known as the "Medellín Paisa" — possibly the premier guide to sex tourism in the world.

Goldberg offered South American sex tours through the site, which charged up to a 50 percent markup on hotels but also offered connections to prostitutes. According to Expat Chronicles, he was known for a loud mouth and a cocaine problem. Although the Colombian police have not offered a motive for the murder, some members of the monger community speculate he simply got greedy.

One post on the site offered this explanation for his death: "For example, if his tour was $100 for the day, he'd tell the client WRONG, you need to pay $400 or my 'taxista' is going to take you for a long ride (AKA kill you). His taxi was an old-school killer, so [Goldberg] thought he was GANGSTA."

In Sosua this past July, the Dominican attorney general threw Peter Jensen, a German expat who ran a club called Passion's, in jail. Jensen had revolutionized the sex industry there by making girls employees and fining them if they were late or didn't apply makeup, Strecker says. Jensen even advertised the girls' services on a large menu that looked like it belonged at a Denny's rather than a brothel.

Although the club scene in Sosua has been tolerated for years, Jensen's recent attempt to commercialize the sex tourism experience was not well received by the local government, which is scrambling to make way for a $65 million Carnival Cruise Lines facility that's set to open about 15 miles west of Sosua in 2014.

Jensen was charged with trafficking 32 women and placed in a filthy prison cell with 91 other inmates until he was released on bond last month. "During the raid at that establishment... computers and digital cameras, as well as ladies uniforms, invoices, and receipts, were found," the newspaper El Día reported.

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sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

people "Sell" themselves all the time

why has the line been drawn at the sexual door?

the womens movement says ( and rightly so)

that a women is not dirty or evil etc if she wants to have random sex etc etc

so most of us would say just dont have any children

BUT EVEN THERE, the womens crowd says

hey, its none of your business ( well, except for the paying for it) if she is pregnant etc etc

Does Hillary Clinton get called a gold digger or worse for hooking up with a guy she saw potential in to lead her 

to a better life / riches??

michelle Obama?


no one knows what was then or now in a persons heart in their pursuit for a better life 

( cause its fair to say we all do things to make a better lifefor  ourselves)

so these females live in a poor country and even if they are highly intelligent, there is no industry to put that to use so

they say hey, I see a man ( or women) and I get something and that person gets something out of this act


Don't you think it would be better to take immediate offense to this article and have a knee jerk reaction, rather then contemplate its content and the sexual preference perhaps? Of the author.

Of course not most have very limited reasoning skills.


A man living on his own terms.

The stigma with p4p is laughable and outdated.  It is kept alive by bitter, overweight feminists who think men shouldn't have choices.  Consenting adults should do whatever they please. 

You pay for sex no matter how you get it; and given how promiscuous the average western woman is in hookup culture (i hooked up with 12 in only 2 years at college; and i barely tried), you probably have a better chance of getting an std with an average woman whose had drunk sex without protection than a professional who uses protection habitually.  

Men are awaking from their slumber.  Since when did women swear by any "values" that didn't serve their own selfish interests somehow.

frankd4 topcommenter

............BuNGA BuNGA GAMES have been played since the beginning - otherwise reading SALTER is more colorful regarding ex-military abroad a broad


the miami times...should look into replacing alli conti.....she's exploiting proposition....and has nothing better to write..or investigate must be slow in florida.....


nice story alli...this was a nice way of promotingthis let me understand this....prostitution in another country...and men..woman paying for it....that's unbelievable...thank god...that the usa took careof this decades fact...pick any place on the planet..that doesn't have whores working..please...why don't you tell much you were paid to promote cubadave...and this town in the Dominican rep....what's your next story on...chicken tacos being sold in a the check in the mail....or have you cashed it already....signed by...........cubadave...your an idiot.....or do you think that we are the idiots buying this nonsense...of a story

Stephanie D Lopez
Stephanie D Lopez

Sex is definitely NOT this man's only vice! How about aiding the systematic sexual exploitation of a politically and economically disadvantage people?!?!?! I'm horrified.


Now my name is all over this looking like I am trying to help this guy. I have never even met him, I make one comment on the facebook page and now I am part of the story. I in no way condone this mans actions...

Terrible reporting, using a persons real name and commenting on his looks without his knowledge brings it to a new low.

Eva Vicuña Dieguez
Eva Vicuña Dieguez

is the New Times trying to promote this guy? do you have any other better or more constructive news to offer???

Murphy Free
Murphy Free

that s the world we live in.... n that s the fun part.. think about the political money workers!!!!


Several comments

1 What is the point of this article? Cuba Dave (and others) go to other countries to legally engage in fun, consensual sex with adult Latin ladies.  Prostitution is legal in these countries. I applaud Cuba Dave for living his life the way he wants and having fun in his own way. The whole subtext of the article is a moral judgement of a man's sexual activities. I assume Allie  (the author) would have Dave and all men behave in strict accordance with her conservative or feminist/liberal ideology. Many gay men travel to Latin America for sex but I seriously doubt the Allie would ever impose a moral judgement on these men. 

2. I knew Noah Goldberg. He provided tours of the city he loved, Medellin Colombia. I took several of his tours, and sex with prostitutes was never the objective of his tours. Noah was slandered on the forums and private blogs by people who did not know him. His only mistake was borrowing money from the wrong people and having a drug habit. The author of this article took verbatim, the innuendo and character assassination she read online and reprinted it as indisputable fact. 

The author of this article has very low journalistic standards and has no credibility in her writing. Allie, do your homework and keep your moral judgments to yourself!


Wow interesting stories, Am considering Columbia myself as I am running out of places to go.  Just how much cash does Cuba Dave make?

Alain D. Mozas
Alain D. Mozas

Not as compelling as recent full-length articles but the guy is def. an interesting subject. I refreshed my browser thinking that only half of the last page loaded. Nope..



The word of the day is Mortified, not "Horrified".

You have nothing to be afraid of here.

You almost created a complex sentence with all of those big words.

Go ahead and tell those poor "Exploited People" that you want to "help" them by taking the hard earned food out of the mouths of their fatherless children.

That is only one of the many benefits from the millions of dollars, bypassing the corrupt governments being pumped directly into the economies of these poor countries.

The governments of these countries reluctantly allow this type of trade, not because they want to but because they know exactly how important it is to their countries financial well being.

You have no idea what economics and politics are about but I'll bet it made you feel special writing it.

Get educated first, then go save the world!


I was even misquoted. I did not make a remark about passions, I made that remark about the closing of El Velero on the beach.


He and the women he cites on his site have done more for the world than you ever will.

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