Cubadave's Sex Tourism Empire in Jeopardy

Cubadave's Sex Tourism Empire in Jeopardy
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Old dog, young tricks.

David Strecker is a skinny former softball pitcher who lives in a modest Key West duplex and maintains a healthy head of fine, sandy-colored hair. He prefers tank tops that show off his muscular biceps. He is also a connoisseur of Caribbean prostitutes and has slept with more than 2,500 women under age 25. He has no plans to stop. His scheme, though, is complicated by time, possibly the only cruel mistress Strecker has ever encountered.

"If you're having all the fun in the world and nobody knows about it, what fun is that?"

This self-described sex addict is 62 years old.

At that age, it isn't easy to keep up with two or three women a day for weeks at a time. Chemical assistance is required. Strecker downs estrogen blockers daily, injects his buttocks with testosterone monthly, and consumes Viagra as the situation requires. A grueling P90X regimen is obsessively adhered to, and a bench press occupies the position of a TV set in his living room. The excessively tanned senior might eat a chicken caesar salad if you really goad him, but he generally subsists on protein bars and 5-hour Energy drinks. Sex might be Strecker's only vice; the native Minnesotan doesn't drink or smoke in order to ensure maximum performance with his chicas.

Dave poses in his Key West bedroom, which is covered with pictures of prostitutes he's slept with at least ten times.
Kristin Björnsen
Dave poses in his Key West bedroom, which is covered with pictures of prostitutes he's slept with at least ten times.
Dominican women chase Dave down the street because a plug on his website means customers will know to ask for them by name.
Courtesy of David Strecker
Dominican women chase Dave down the street because a plug on his website means customers will know to ask for them by name.

This lifelong bachelor keeps his toilet seat up and eschews the use of dishes, excepting a bedazzled gold pimp cup. His bedroom looks as if it were decorated by a feral teenage boy: A New York Yankees comforter is the sole object to break the monotony of the floor-to-ceiling nudie pics that cover his lime-green walls. These are no Playboy centerfolds, though — they are graphic, basically anatomical photos of the women Strecker has been with "at least ten times," he says.

In his earlier years, Strecker was elected to the Minnesota Softball Hall of Fame. Now he goes by Cubadave — an alias so central to his being that he even emblazons it on credit cards and screen-prints it on T-shirts. His eponymous blog, which provides mostly logistical advice on locating the best prostitutes, is rabidly followed by thousands of male travelers from all walks of life. A typical post on receives anywhere from 50 to 150 comments ranging from blatant hero worship ("Cuba Dave for president") to practical queries ("Dave, can you buy Viagra over the counter in Sosua?")

The blog readers' common interest is reclaiming their youth or feeling economically powerful in Sosua, a town on the northern Dominican coast. There, Strecker leads a large fraternity of such men from his headquarters, a beachside café that's been renamed in his honor.

Experts estimate thousands of men travel to the Dominican Republic each year for sex, although it's impossible to come up with a specific number. In much of the Caribbean and some of Latin America, prostitution is legal as long as a third party doesn't profit from it. Just recently, though, turf wars seem to have popped up in this multibillion-dollar industry. A 48-year-old sex tour leader from Brooklyn named Noah Goldberg was recently shot dead, gangland style, at a restaurant in Medellín, Colombia.

Strecker has had a different kind of trouble. This past October 30, customs officers detained him and confiscated his laptop, cell phone, and digital camera. The owner of a club he promotes in Sosua was thrown in jail.

So why does he choose to play the smiling spokesman of a seedy sexscape that was — until recently — kept under wraps? He thinks of himself as the good guy, a member of the fourth estate who helps men navigate international law and stay safe. He wants to make sure people traveling to Sosua know how to avoid being tricked into sleeping with an underage girl or falling in love with an enterprising hooker. He also thinks he's propping up the economy of an impoverished town and improving the lives of the people who live there. A story about a 9-year-old Haitian girl who was forced to sell a basket of bananas before heading to school each day proves to him that not all whoremongers are exploitative.

"Every morning, my friends and I would buy all the bananas and make her our guest for breakfast," he says.

But of course, one whose raison d'être is to sleep with hookers cannot be entirely selfless. His value to the men who monetize him and the ones who read his blog is that he doesn't hide behind a screen name like "DRGuy1." That's because Strecker loves exactly three things: softball, hard bodies, and himself.

"If you're having all the fun in the world and nobody knows about it," he says, "what fun is that?"

It used to be that Americans could get laid in Cuba for a Coke and a smile.

Sex tourism got its start there during Prohibition in the 1920s, when the island became a one-stop shop for free-flowing booze and women. The party paused briefly during the Great Depression but was revived when the Mafia took control of Cuba's tourism sector, erecting glitzy casinos and nightclubs such as the infamous Tropicana. Immediately after the 1959 revolution, Castro kicked out the Mob and sent the prostitutes to the fields to work.

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sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

people "Sell" themselves all the time

why has the line been drawn at the sexual door?

the womens movement says ( and rightly so)

that a women is not dirty or evil etc if she wants to have random sex etc etc

so most of us would say just dont have any children

BUT EVEN THERE, the womens crowd says

hey, its none of your business ( well, except for the paying for it) if she is pregnant etc etc

Does Hillary Clinton get called a gold digger or worse for hooking up with a guy she saw potential in to lead her 

to a better life / riches??

michelle Obama?


no one knows what was then or now in a persons heart in their pursuit for a better life 

( cause its fair to say we all do things to make a better lifefor  ourselves)

so these females live in a poor country and even if they are highly intelligent, there is no industry to put that to use so

they say hey, I see a man ( or women) and I get something and that person gets something out of this act


Don't you think it would be better to take immediate offense to this article and have a knee jerk reaction, rather then contemplate its content and the sexual preference perhaps? Of the author.

Of course not most have very limited reasoning skills.


A man living on his own terms.

The stigma with p4p is laughable and outdated.  It is kept alive by bitter, overweight feminists who think men shouldn't have choices.  Consenting adults should do whatever they please. 

You pay for sex no matter how you get it; and given how promiscuous the average western woman is in hookup culture (i hooked up with 12 in only 2 years at college; and i barely tried), you probably have a better chance of getting an std with an average woman whose had drunk sex without protection than a professional who uses protection habitually.  

Men are awaking from their slumber.  Since when did women swear by any "values" that didn't serve their own selfish interests somehow.

frankd4 topcommenter

............BuNGA BuNGA GAMES have been played since the beginning - otherwise reading SALTER is more colorful regarding ex-military abroad a broad


the miami times...should look into replacing alli conti.....she's exploiting proposition....and has nothing better to write..or investigate must be slow in florida.....


nice story alli...this was a nice way of promotingthis let me understand this....prostitution in another country...and men..woman paying for it....that's unbelievable...thank god...that the usa took careof this decades fact...pick any place on the planet..that doesn't have whores working..please...why don't you tell much you were paid to promote cubadave...and this town in the Dominican rep....what's your next story on...chicken tacos being sold in a the check in the mail....or have you cashed it already....signed by...........cubadave...your an idiot.....or do you think that we are the idiots buying this nonsense...of a story

Stephanie D Lopez
Stephanie D Lopez

Sex is definitely NOT this man's only vice! How about aiding the systematic sexual exploitation of a politically and economically disadvantage people?!?!?! I'm horrified.


Now my name is all over this looking like I am trying to help this guy. I have never even met him, I make one comment on the facebook page and now I am part of the story. I in no way condone this mans actions...

Terrible reporting, using a persons real name and commenting on his looks without his knowledge brings it to a new low.

Eva Vicuña Dieguez
Eva Vicuña Dieguez

is the New Times trying to promote this guy? do you have any other better or more constructive news to offer???

Murphy Free
Murphy Free

that s the world we live in.... n that s the fun part.. think about the political money workers!!!!


Several comments

1 What is the point of this article? Cuba Dave (and others) go to other countries to legally engage in fun, consensual sex with adult Latin ladies.  Prostitution is legal in these countries. I applaud Cuba Dave for living his life the way he wants and having fun in his own way. The whole subtext of the article is a moral judgement of a man's sexual activities. I assume Allie  (the author) would have Dave and all men behave in strict accordance with her conservative or feminist/liberal ideology. Many gay men travel to Latin America for sex but I seriously doubt the Allie would ever impose a moral judgement on these men. 

2. I knew Noah Goldberg. He provided tours of the city he loved, Medellin Colombia. I took several of his tours, and sex with prostitutes was never the objective of his tours. Noah was slandered on the forums and private blogs by people who did not know him. His only mistake was borrowing money from the wrong people and having a drug habit. The author of this article took verbatim, the innuendo and character assassination she read online and reprinted it as indisputable fact. 

The author of this article has very low journalistic standards and has no credibility in her writing. Allie, do your homework and keep your moral judgments to yourself!


Wow interesting stories, Am considering Columbia myself as I am running out of places to go.  Just how much cash does Cuba Dave make?

Alain D. Mozas
Alain D. Mozas

Not as compelling as recent full-length articles but the guy is def. an interesting subject. I refreshed my browser thinking that only half of the last page loaded. Nope..



The word of the day is Mortified, not "Horrified".

You have nothing to be afraid of here.

You almost created a complex sentence with all of those big words.

Go ahead and tell those poor "Exploited People" that you want to "help" them by taking the hard earned food out of the mouths of their fatherless children.

That is only one of the many benefits from the millions of dollars, bypassing the corrupt governments being pumped directly into the economies of these poor countries.

The governments of these countries reluctantly allow this type of trade, not because they want to but because they know exactly how important it is to their countries financial well being.

You have no idea what economics and politics are about but I'll bet it made you feel special writing it.

Get educated first, then go save the world!


I was even misquoted. I did not make a remark about passions, I made that remark about the closing of El Velero on the beach.


He and the women he cites on his site have done more for the world than you ever will.

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