Miami's Top Five Hottest Female TV Reporters

If you go to Dallas, Atlanta, New York, or any other major city, the TV reporters look like a zombified Walter Cronkite who just stumbled out of the cemetery.

But Miami's TV stations employ the hottest women in America to deliver the weather reports, news about traffic jams on I-95, and crazy stories that can happen only here. Our reporters are stunningly gorgeous, highly intelligent, and captivatingly personable. They go on camera dressed as if they were headed out for a night at LIV.

So for the past week, I've been on an important mission to find the top five most beautiful female TV reporters in the Magic City. To help narrow the field, I conducted a Twitter poll, and my followers did not disappoint. They nominated women who could get a eunuch to tune in to their broadcasts.

C. Stiles

Here are my top five:

1. Denise Isaac, Telemundo 51 meteorologist: This Emmy-nominated beauty makes you want to brush up on your Spanish.

2. Summer Knowles, CBS 4 news anchor: Hotter than a muggy Miami afternoon in July, she has dudes rushing out of bed to watch her co-anchor weekday-morning newscasts.

3. Stephanie Severino, Univision 23 meteorologist: Stephanie has so many curves she can make any man run off the road. She complements her intense beauty with an immense passion for TV journalism.

4. Vanessa Borge, CBS 4 reporter: A Miami native with the most radiant smile on local television, Vanessa will knock you out with her beauty and her brains.

5. Constance Jones, Local 10 reporter: This hard-bodied, hard-nosed, award-winning journalist's radiance and accurate traffic reports soothe me before the morning rush-hour commute.

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Young girls feel they have to be nipped, tucked and plumped with a generous amount of makeup to score a job in the local news and weather business here in south florida.

kirkslade1 topcommenter

Luke, admit it. You are lost. You try every angle to get attention. I will respond. Maybe two or three more will respond. Next week will be one or two. Eventually...none. Way to keep it real loser!


@kirkslade1 Kirky is the (____) retentive type, it's the little stuff that bothers him....... LOL


@kirkslade1 why do you respond is it because you're the one that is really a loser, get a life and grow pathetic!!!!

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