After he got out of the hospital the next morning, he filed a statement with police. The report says he "admitted that he was very intoxicated" and had "refused to leave the bar." Police didn't pursue an investigation and miswrote his last name as "Bartow." Hoynowski, who never made it to the boat show, denies he told police he was drunk. That misstatement, he charges, ruined his chance to file a civil lawsuit.

"These bars buy protection like a Mafia operation."

A similar thing happened to Paul Karpowicz just a few weeks later at Dirty Blondes, on November 21. The 47-year-old with a ponytail said he and a buddy were sitting at the bar, and Karpowicz had to drive home, so he was swilling water. After a few cups, the bartender became distracted with someone else, so Karpowicz grabbed the water gun himself.

"A bouncer choked me from behind, and I went unconscious," says Karpo­wicz, who today lives in Atlanta. "He broke my larynx. Two millimeters lower, he would have crushed my throat and I would have died. Then two guys came up and were kicking and punching me and left me outside, bloody and unconscious."

Joseph Laney
Joseph Laney

Location Info


Dirty Blondes

229 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Fort Lauderdale

Moments later, two cops pulled up, lights flashing, according to both Karpowicz and his friend Rick Bodiford, who was present that night. The men wanted to press charges. "Then another cop showed up," recalls Bodiford, 41. "He walked straight up to the bouncers and then told us if we didn't leave right away, we were arrested. It was the most bizarre thing that ever happened to me."

The police report from the incident says Karpowicz was "highly intoxicated" and "argumentative" and had threatened to "kick ass." Both he and Bodiford vociferously deny that.

"That's absolutely not true!" Bodiford now exclaims. Karpowicz says he sought legal counsel, but the description of him in the police report thwarted any opportunity to file a civil lawsuit.

Similarities teem among further tales of bouncer-inflicted violence. According to allegations made in police reports and court records:

• On March 16, 2009, a Dirty Blondes bouncer suddenly "walked over and punched Charles Dunham in the eye" while he was talking to a girl, sober. Dunham said he "told several officers, but nothing was done."

• On November 28, 2009, Dirty Blondes bouncer Brandon Gilbert thrust Ryan Mc­Glynn into a full nelson, and McGlynn "began to turn purple and lose consciousness." McGlynn, who was accused of confronting another customer, hit his jaw on the ground, and patrons surrounded the fallen man, "trying to clean up the blood," the bouncer said in a deposition. (A civil lawsuit was settled late last month, attorney Robert Gluck said, for an astounding $280,000.)

• On October 25, 2010, an "unknown male employee" at Rock Bar "choked" Valdevir Camargo, "dragged him outside, dislocated his shoulders, and kicked him" after Camargo questioned the charges on his bill. (A civil lawsuit was settled for $14,000.)

• On April 17, 2011, an "unknown [Dirty Blondes] bouncer came up to Heather Benson and for no reason grabbed her by the neck, picked her up, and threw her on the ground."

• On August 15, 2011, John Guerrero "was grabbed from behind by an [Exit 66] bouncer and put in a choke hold. The bouncer hit him in the face with an object, possibly a flashlight, breaking his right front tooth." Guerrero told police he didn't know why the bouncer attacked him.

• On June 11, 2012, Charles Palmer saw three Dirty Blondes bouncers "beating on a subject in the street, who was not fighting back and trying to get away..." All three bouncers then began punching and kicking Palmer while he was on the ground. Palmer's nose was broken.

• On February 12, 2012, Dirty Blondes bouncers "attacked" Richard Nar "as he left to return to his vehicle... Several individuals punched Nar multiple times as well as kicked him."

• On April 16 of this year, a "suspect, possibly a bouncer" at Dirty Blondes, "pushed Kenneth O'Brien to the ground and struck him in the face... He was unable to sign [the police report] because he was covered in blood."

On a recent Sunday evening, Arturo Suarez bristled with disgust at the violence. The manager of Cafe del Mar, a yawning chasm of an eatery wedged between folkloric Elbo Room and Dirty Blondes, said it didn't used to be this way. "How does this affect the entire beach?" he wondered. "The fights, the ugliness, the kicking, the punching — I don't want that garbage overflowing into my place. People get the impression it's not safe here anymore. And that's my business."

He paused for a moment. "All I have to say [to the owners] is keep your shit contained... When the fish is bad, it smells from the head."

But Cafe del Mar isn't just a random neighbor. There's a history between the businesses.

"Things got ugly," Suarez says.

On January 5, 2009, a restaurateur with wavy brown hair and a deep tan named Leone Padula strode into Cafe del Mar. Soon, he spotted one of his two business partners, Lior Avidor, a bald man built like a stonemason. This would not be a pleasant gathering.

"I'll cut you to pieces," Avidor told Padula, according to a restraining order Padula filed against the larger man. "I'll break you. I'll tear out your kidneys. I'll put you in the same condition as your [terminally ill] father."

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aliasetc topcommenter

Avoid ft lauderdale at all cost! In fact avoid Florida.


investigate the owners with criminal connections,and sale of extasy that is controlled by the israeli-russian mafia,and yes the local fbi office needs internal investigation.

icculus17 topcommenter

if it's such a terrible place why aren't there ON DUTY police officers?  Seilier is a tool


Most redheaded dudes need a good asskickin...Just sayin!


Ok, Mr. Mayor you cant hide on this one! What are your plans for this corrupt activity ! Maybe just lose the City is an option


This is one of the things that killed Baja Beach Club in the Grove as well. As a former bouncer I can tell you with some validity that there is really no need to be douchebags like the ones at Dirty Blondes to do the job. Sure you have to deal with drunk assholes, so you get them yank them out of the club and goodbye. I never got paid enough money to exert myself that much in dealing with an asshole.


So why hasn't someone gone to that club and murdered those bouncers?  That is what I would do.  Nut up or shut up, is what I say!

frankd4 topcommenter

...........................i would also offer that since "boys will be boys" and that alcohol and bath saltz and who knows what other mind and mood altering substances are injested by patrons and bouncers and bar owners operators................LET THESE places simply go somewhere else - GET THEM OFF THE BEACH = period - let the animals and savages and neaderthals have at each other under a bridge or down a dark alley SOMEWHERE ELSE in ft liquordale - then they could kill each other altogether and the CIVILIZED society can enjoy the beach without fear

URBAN WEEK got out of hand and police shot 106 bullets into a car two years ago - MORE POLICE are not the answer, bringing in the National Guard is not the answer, having the SWAT TEAM on the roof of the ELBO ROOM is NOT the answer, putting a police sub-station in the lobby of the RITZ CARLTON is not the answer = the answer is sweeping away these "stages" of insanity to some other location where they can pursue their savage and uncivlized clashes of the mental mindless and egotistical steroid-fuel physical combatants


Count me in.  Constantly looking over my shoulder for uneducated meat-head hooliganism is not really my vibe when I'm trying to chill with a few drinks and a few friends.  I will never enter into one of these establishments again.  There's only one reason people become "bouncers" instead of joining any reputable security establishment (PD, Brinks, etc), and that is:  prior arrest records.  They are basically just thugs trying to eke out a living by doing what they do best:  acting aggressively and without any type of tact or thought.

frankd4 topcommenter

................................well now we have become ground zero for all the neanderthals to come here and challenge the status quo with upcomming SMACKDOWNs and HOULIGANISM from the savages from all parts of the globe

why the FT LAUDERDALA POLICE department bungled the initial investigation and took over a week to "change their tune" when the video came to light is a disgrace to the department which has no other reason than COVER-UP to explain its action - WHICH we should ALL hope is not the case


Off-duty policy.  All you need to know.  Essentially no police reports will be filed because they threaten you (victim) with arrest for trespassing, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.  Protects the bar against lawsuits because there will be no police records of the incident.  Only you the victim being told to leave.   


Spread this wide. Never spend another dollar in any of those places.


@JohnnySwift Only in the movies, but it's a movie I'd watch and I suspect so would a lot of other people.


@MrGumsandals  - Only in the movies?!?  That kind of stuff happens all the time.  Some dude gets kicked out a club, gets mad, and comes back with a gun and shoots the place up.  If I was ever treated like that I would shoot those guys dead.  I ain't afraid of jail.  been there, done that.  I ain't about to get punked by dudes like that, though.

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