Vote for Keon Hardemon in Miami's District 5

With absentee ballots in the mail and early voting beginning in two weeks for the City of Miami's November elections, it's important that residents in District 5, which includes Overtown, Brownsville, Little Haiti, and Liberty City, cast their ballots for Keon Hardemon.

Last year, the 29-year-old attorney put his name on the political map by forcing a runoff against entrenched Miami-Dade Commissioner Audrey Edmonson. Though he eventually lost, he grabbed a respectable 37 percent. That means 19,434 people voted for him.

All he needs is one-third of that total to beat the presumed favorite in this race, Rev. Richard P. Dunn II, a perennial candidate who won only when Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones was suspended over a public corruption case. Dunn was forced to give the seat up two years ago after the charges were dismissed and Spence-Jones was reinstated. Knowing he couldn't beat her at the polls, Dunn successfully sued the city to keep her from seeking a third term. But that opened the door for Hardemon, a bright young man who is an inspiration for Miami's African-American community.

C. Stiles

A graduate of Miami Northwestern Senior High, Hardemon has undergraduate and master's degrees in business administration from Florida A&M University. As a public defender the past three years, Hardemon has seen firsthand how decades of poverty, gun violence, and a lack of economic opportunities have destroyed the lives of African-American men. He has a platform that will put people to work and create jobs from Overtown to Liberty City.

Dunn represents the old guard of black Miami politicians. Like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, he doesn't have what it takes to provide African-Americans with the tools to succeed in life. People also can't trust Dunn. A vote for him is a vote for Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, who is supporting the longtime minister in order to control the community redevelopment agencies that are supposed to pump millions of dollars back into blighted neighborhoods such as Overtown.

If we want to continue the progress Spence-Jones began, the choice is simple: Vote for Hardemon.

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DO NOT VOTE FOR KEON HARDAMAN!! The Devil never shows his true colors until it is to late. At least with Keon we have already seen some of the warnings.


Luke I guess you did not read this article by  Francisco Alvarado in your newspaper called City's Most Notorious Political Family Into County Hall by Francisco Alvarado on May of last year. He writes about all of evil they have done in the name of race. He writes quote"Keon soon saw the darker side of the Hardemons' success. Keon was 11 when his uncle's troubles began. Billy was swept up in 1996's Operation Greenpalm, the biggest public corruption case in Dade history. He and his then-boss, county Commissioner James Burke, and businessman Calvin Grigsby, were indicted for bribery and money laundering. Billy allegedly accepted $50,000 to steer a $183 million bond-refinancing deal to Grigsby's underwriting firm.

Billy's problems didn't stop there. The next year, state prosecutors accused him of stealing $9,700 in campaign funds. They charged him with four felony counts of grand theft, along with 38 misdemeanors for accepting illegal contributions. The fact that Keon was accused of beating a girl he dated in FAMU brings up many questions. We are l;iving in hell down here nobody is honest and are children continue to die. How can you support him or for Miamis District 5. How do you think he paid for school. They paid it with all the money stolen from his family. The pot never stirs far from the kettelr so if you rwealy care find anothe canidate to support. Not Keon he is badd news. Please their must be another canidate who is better and Black. I no who I am voting for and it is not keeon. If anyone wants to read the story go to

Please we need honest leaders are chil;dren are dying and Hardeman and there family are criminals.Remember what his uncle Roy and aunt Babera did to Audrey Edmonson. They worked for her then quit stole all of her donor list and ran a campian against her. Attacking her vicously. They stole contributions and they do not care. Green knows no color Luke open your eyes and endors a better canidate. Pleas are people are dying and nobody cares.


dantevida topcommenter

If he is in any way related to the other Miami Hardemons, don't vote for him.  We don't need any other scamming scheming Hardemons near government trying to fleece taxpayers for their own gain.

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