Gimme an i, for "intimidation"!

Hernandez gave his star lackey a 62 percent raise at a time when he cut pay for firefighters, cops, and low-level employees by 5, 10, and 17 percent, respectively.

This is a Hernandez trademark. On September 10, the mayor was less than amused when local blogger Carlos Miller recorded video of him and other city employees trying to stonewall a couple of citizens seeking to inspect public documents at city hall. So the mayor called in Hialeah Police officers to force Miller and the two residents to leave, claiming they had "invaded" the city clerk's office and "attacked" them with their cameras. Miller alleges Hernandez insisted he was not allowed to record even though he was inside a public building. "But I knew there was no such policy, so I continued recording despite the mayor's objections," Miller says, "and despite objections from his chief of staff, Alonso, who planted his face right in front of my lens, ordering and threatening me to stop recording."

Juan Santana, a 28-year-old resident running against Hernandez for mayor, alleges the city's executive has sent police officers and campaign goons to harass him at his house. On April 8, Santana used his cell-phone camera to record Hialeah Officer Sandra St. Germaine unscrewing the expired tag from his wife's car, which was parked outside his house. Under state law, cops can seize a license plate only if they have stopped a vehicle that's in motion. "She was the one who broke the law," Santana seethes. "She was stealing it. This is just another way of Hernandez harassing me."

Mark Poutenis

Three months later, ex-Hialeah Officer Glenn Rice, who lives in Miramar and volunteers on Hernandez's campaigns, went to Santana's house. Using his cell-phone camera, Rice began recording the young candidate. Then Santana started filming Rice, who responded by saying, "Are you fat?... You stink. You are farting in your pants. That is disgusting. Look at your house. And you want to represent the City of Hialeah?"

Santana contends this incident shows "[Mayor] Hernandez is a tyrant. He is making Hialeah look really bad."

Gimme an l, for "loan shark"!

What else do you call a guy who charges an annual vig of 36 percent on money he lends, particularly if it seems he didn't report it to the IRS? Between 2007 and 2009, Hernandez loaned $180,000 to Luis "Felipito" Perez, a Hialeah Ponzi schemer masquerading as a jeweler who conned $45 million from investors. Perez, who pleaded guilty in 2010 and is serving a ten-year prison sentence, alleges he paid Hernandez $2,400 to $3,000 a month in interest payments for three years. None of the interest, which came to at least $100,000, appears on Hernandez's 2007, 2008, or 2009 tax returns, which are filed along with his public financial disclosure forms.

Hernandez was part of Hialeah's shadow banking industry, a group of well-heeled residents, among them politicians, including Julio Robaina, the mayor's predecessor. In May, Robaina and his wife, Raiza, were arraigned on federal charges of fraud, conspiracy, falsifying documents, and tax evasion for not reporting interest income on $750,000 in loans they gave Perez during an 18-month period that began in 2006 or 2007. In exchange for leniency, Perez has told prosecutors the Robainas falsified mortgage documents and promissory notes, stating the interest was 18 percent when it was actually 36 percent. He has also claimed the illegal portion of the payments were made in cash to Robaina.

What does it spell? Jail!

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