Rev. Richard Dunn Is a Political Whore

Just when I was about to give Rev. Richard Dunn II the benefit of the doubt, he proves he can't be trusted to represent the African-Americans in his district. Now that he's the frontrunner to replace incumbent city commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones, who isn't allowed to run again, Dunn is cutting backroom deals with Marc Sarnoff, the city commissioner who has no respect for Miami's black community.

Last week, Sarnoff hosted a private fundraiser for Dunn at the downtown law office of Solowsky Allen, where the Coconut Grove politician works. I'd rather see Dunn take money from the Devil.

Two years ago, Sarnoff publicly defended Miami Police officers who fatally shot seven African-American men during an eight-month period. On February 11, 2011, Sarnoff appeared on WPBT2's Issues and claimed the cops were justified in firing their guns. Eight months later, Sarnoff was one of only two commissioners who voted against firing Chief Miguel Exposito, the man responsible for the police department's "shoot first, ask questions later" policy.

C. Stiles

Dunn loves taking credit for initiating the U.S. Justice Department investigation into the police department that recently concluded Miami cops have engaged in a pattern of excessive use of force in officer-involved shootings. Yet Dunn has no qualms letting Sarnoff, who insisted the shootings were justified, raise campaign cash for him. What a hypocrite.

The reverend, who served as city commissioner during the two years Spence-Jones was suspended from office, insists he's now getting support from the same city hall insiders who gave campaign donations to her. He specifically pointed out Jay Solowsky, one of the partners of the law firm employing Sarnoff, as a major Spence-Jones contributor. "If they were good enough for her," he says, "they are good enough for me."

That's bull, because Sarnoff would never break bread with Spence-Jones. Sarnoff knows he can't control her. In fact, he failed to stop her from securing $50 million for an Overtown redevelopment project earlier this year. And that is why Sarnoff is supporting Dunn. He is telling all of his buddies to give money to Dunn because the good reverend will do whatever he says.

The fix is in.

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Old soupcoolers himself is at it again. What's the matter soup? Are you envious? Looks that way to me. You just dont get it do you. Try informing yourself before you spew garbage(which is every time you open that big mouth).


What on earth are you talking bout??? By your own words Dunn went after Esposito in a big way. And he did it as if the shooting victims were his own family members. You are implying he would NOT do the same again because some of Sarnoff's associates are contributing to his campaign. That's a connection of dots that makes no sense. It's not supported by Dunn's track record. The venom your spewing makes me wonder... are you jealous of the Reverend and the jealousy is seriously clouding your judgement?  Wish you could be where he is? Bashing your people don't look good on you my brother. Be a decent man of color and support candidates that can represent you and the Afro-American community well. Dunn's past performance has proven he can do it. He's done it in the past.  

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