Legalize Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Pro Sports

Miami native Alex Rodriguez is getting a raw deal from Major League Baseball. Since Miami New Times broke the mind-blowing story of Biogenesis, a now-defunct anti-aging clinic in Coral Gables that supplied human growth hormone, testosterone, and anabolic steroids to Rodriguez and scores of other players, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and his minions want to make examples of them.

Two weeks ago, Selig slapped Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun, a former Miami Hurricane, with a 65-game suspension. This week, Selig suspended A-Rod for the rest of this season and the entire 2014 season. Twelve other players got 50-game bans. To nail the players, MLB cut a sweetheart deal with Biogenesis owner Tony Bosch to rat them out. This just proves the crackdown is a pointless exercise in hypocrisy. Who goes after the drug dealer to get to his buyers? It's usually the other way around.

Rodriguez and the players targeted by MLB are being tried in a kangaroo court. They are being presumed guilty because of the embarrassing media coverage.

C. Stiles

I really don't see the crime here. Everybody going after A-Rod for using PEDs is a hypocrite. In every major sport, there are numerous PED pushers like Bosch making sure celebrity athletes continue to perform at a high level to justify their multimillion-dollar contracts. It's not about chasing records or making sure they get into the Hall of Fame. These players are under enormous pressure to keep earning their extravagant paychecks. Teams and league officials punish players only when it hits the media, but they know PEDs help protect their investment.

Using PEDs is no different from a Miami Heat team doctor sticking a cortisone shot into Dwyane Wade's knee before the fourth quarter so he can get back on the court. Isn't that the very definition of a PED? What about players who are taking over-the-counter supplements and pills to lose weight?

We're living in a time when everyone is concerned with prolonging their youth and enhancing their bodies. These athletes are being told they can't use substances that you and I can use legally for our health. By banning some PEDs in professional sports, officials are just creating a black market where pushers like Bosch can make millions of dollars.

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The idea that performance enhancing drugs should ever be legal is ridiculous to me.Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez and players alike, deserve the suspensions given to them for being involved in taking illegal PEDs.They are illegal in sports, and they are for a reason.When you(Luther Campbell, Author) say that Dwayne Wade taking a cortisone shot on the sideline is no different than taking a PED, you couldn’t be any more wrong.Cortisone is not the same as taking a listed illegal PED like anabolic steroids. Cortisone is used to produce what the body needs to break down inflammation in your muscles, kind of like taking a super dose of ibuprofen.While when you take anabolic steroids you are providing your body with synthetic substances that promote growth in your skeletal muscle, making you bigger and stronger than the guy who dose the same work with less “help”. To go with all that extra muscle is the extra muscle mass that could grow in the user’s heart that could make a strain on the rest of the body that could increase the risk of heart disease and/or a heart attack.There’s no good in adding another fifteen homeruns to your season if you’re not going to even live to see the playoffs.These drugs aren’t just harming the players using them either.The ones not taking them are being affected in probably the most unfair way.The users are playing and there is no telling how many games outcomes have been made up by these cheater’s performances.The use of these substances is way too risky and unfair to the honest athletes, and that’s why they will always be illegal.


You're argument would make sense if steroids were legal. There is nothing immoral about sports figure using them, as many do, but illegal steroids are just that..felonious to possess.

Palangana topcommenter

Legalize every drug for everyone everywhere.

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