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Cycling Chaos

Don't worry, be happy: After reading about all the vitriol and anger surrounding the Critical Mass bike ride ("Collision Course, Michael E. Miller, August 1), it's hard for me to believe that I moved to Florida thinking people here are more conscious and civilized than the place where I come from. I have a car, I had two motorcycles, and now I ride a bike to keep my self healthy and enjoy the ride with my family. I always have respected the transit rules and laws. I understand the frustration of everyone who got stuck in a traffic jam because of Critical Mass, but to go from there to saying you are going to run over a person is crazy. That says a lot about the values and humanity of the people commenting on this story. This should not be a war between one side or the other. I believe Critical Mass should be more organized and simply get the help of the police so the organizers can plan the routes and make the event a happy experience for both sides. Instead of criticizing them, why don't we look for options to make the ride better? All of you should sit down and really look inside yourselves, because the world is as crazy and awful as it is because of the lack of love and understanding. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Avcaro9573

Middle finger to drivers: If drivers were as much scofflaws as cyclists are, either during Critical Mass or not, there would be 70 dead bikers a week. The cyclists' attitude is not one of sharing the road pragmatically; it is rather one of owning the road with a big middle finger extended during Critical Mass. Alexander Fernandez

Miami roads suck: News flash: Every single day, our roads are clogged with cars idling in traffic, usually because of crashes and incessant driver errors. Every day, roads and highways are shut down to extract someone's bloody body from a mangled car wreck. Don't act like Critical Mass, which happens once a month for an hour, is the only thing delaying drivers in this godforsaken, traffic-ridden clusterfuck of a city. Give the ride a try. It's one of the few moments you can enjoy the beauty of this place in relative safety without being confined to a metal canister. Cpchester

Obey the law: Cyclists should also remember they're subject to the same traffic laws as cars. If everyone paid attention while on the road, whether on a bike, in a car, on a scooter, whatever, it could only make things safer and better for all out there. Layssa Ma Zamora-Pérez

Single-use roads: The main problem is that this issue pits cars against cyclists in such a way that both sides overreach in their demands. Every mode of getting around, including walking, needs to have its own separate path, period. An 18-wheel tractor-trailer can't mix with bicycles, and pedestrians can't mix with motorized vehicles. The paths have to be single-use, either designated by design or allocated during specific times. I've seen many parkways for cars closed in sections on Sunday mornings from 7 a.m. until noon, for instance, to allow bicycles only. frankd4

Where we're headed: I can see it now — a giant monster truck and an angry Miami driver pummeling through a sea of bicyclists. Critical Mass massacre, coming soon. Michael Marrero

City needs to help: As a cyclist, I've realized the responsibility goes both ways. Motorists have no consideration for bikers, and bikers have no respect for traffic laws. I've seen it. Bikers think they own the street. But for those who want to respect the traffic laws, it is difficult to move in the city when there is no space for us to ride safely. Twisted_Sister

Got to be a better way: Isn't there a way to bring attention to the bicycle scene and sharing the road without causing the traffic nightmare on a Friday night? For instance, couldn't they break up the mass into intervals? I think Critical Mass is great, but it has grown tremendously. Maybe some more organization would help. Jay Lee Mendez

Respect the rules: I'm in favor of events like this. But any other event of this nature and size would be coordinated with the city from the start. When there is no organization and cyclists are going the wrong way down a one-way street, it is no longer an event but a free-for-all. Respect the rules of the road and you'll gain more respect. As a cyclist, I know how badly this city needs to learn it. Kristina Jones Barahona

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Ilike Chef Creole's response he seems like a cool dude and his food is off the chain.  I saw him and Dj Kalid at his N. Miami location the other day talking business I think, but it was a good look two of Miami's finest hanging out.

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