One afternoon, Born recalls, Chapman walked down the driveway wearing nothing but a G-string bikini. "She went down to the construction site down the road," Born said. "Then she leaned against the fence with her butt poked out and made all the wives mad. Sean came and got her, and I don't know what was said, but they fought for an hour. And the next day, everything seemed to be fine."

But Chapman was getting worse, Born says. On July 11, 2011, the 20-something confessed she needed help, so they climbed into Born's white Ford van and made for the nearby Marion-Citrus Mental Health Centers. Halfway there, Chapman suddenly rolled down the window. "This woman's kidnapping me," Born recalls Chapman yelling. "She's holding me hostage!"

Born blew through four red lights to keep from stopping, but when she pulled the van into a gas station to remedy a wrong turn, Chapman exploded out the door and sprinted across Highway 200, dodging cars. Police found her around 10:30 p.m. and arrested her under the Baker Act, which allows police to detain people acting irrationally. "The subject started rambling about different information, going from being very polite to very rude," a police report says. "En route to the Centers, she rambled on in different personalities."

Chapman filmed her Dunkin' Donuts tirade.
Chapman filmed her Dunkin' Donuts tirade.

Born kicked Hosch and Chapman out of her house weeks later. "My nephew and I don't talk now because of all the crap she was doing," she says. The couple moved into a small apartment on 16th Street in Oakland Park behind a lime-colored house. Chapman landed a few jobs working as a video spokesperson for something called Power Sales Team, which has posted videos on the internet. Hosch repaired cars, according to his LinkedIn profile.

But the modicum of stability ended that day in Dunkin' Donuts. Soon after the Smoking Gun posted its first article on "the horrible Florida woman who filmed herself berating Dunkin' Donuts workers," the piece had snared 58,000 Facebook "likes" and 1,250 tweets. "I don't have an exact number," editor Bill Bastone said. "I just know a significant number of people read that article."

Just before 1:30 a.m. Saturday, a week after Chapman had stormed Dunkin' Donuts, O. Williams of Power Sales Team announced Chapman's termination in a peculiar and cruel video, broadcasting several voicemails clogging his phone. "You need to fire that ugly bitch," one woman hissed. "She is repulsive. Taylor, the racist, is disgusting."

Whether the totality of someone's existence can be summarized in an eight-minute video, however, isn't a question that troubles Bastone. Chapman, he said, was simply a story to write. "Chapman posted the video to her Facebook page," Bastone said. "She did that. She made it public. It was sitting out there. And to ignore it because it was dopey isn't our job... We did a followup and moved on to other things."

But Chapman hasn't. When her phone rings, she worries it's a stalker. And on a Tuesday afternoon, she and Hosch slipped out of their apartment on 16th Street to evade a news reporter. Chapman wore a polka-dot black sun dress, a tan baseball hat, and big sunglasses. She looked like Lindsay Lohan fresh out of drug rehab. "Get in the car, Taylor," said Hosch, smoking a cigarette, as they ducked inside his gold Nissan Altima and departed. "My girlfriend has mental issues," he declared.

"I'm not scared," Chapman said. "I'll be ready to give a statement in a few months." But by then, likely no one will care what she has to say.

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I prayed to the Lord for her.  He told me that she was worthless.  Or without Worth.

He said, she should order a Bavarian Cream Donut, and squeeze the cream out and put it in her toilet.

Then take her nipples and wipe them around the outside of the toilet lid, that dunk her head in the toilet 3 times and suck up all the Bavarian Cream she could.

Then after that, look in the Mirror.   Walk backwards out onto oncoming traffic.

Then phone Taylor Swift and paint her toenals in the shape of Jesus.

Then just simply give up on life.


Even if she has a mental illness, that does not excuse the blatant racism. Stop defending this woman for making poor choices, whether it be to walk into Dunkin' Donuts and make a scene that day or chose to stop taking her medication. 


I used to work at the same company as Taylor Chapman.  We always used to think she was high all the time.


I hope she is able to get some help from someone  When I first heard about this I looked to learn a little more about her because what little I saw seemed out of character and I posted elsewhere some time ago that I felt there was an emotional or mental reason for her to freak out.  There are too many that have some mental issues when there is no real help for them, and that is a shame because there are many who have had some sort of mental problem who went on to do great things eventually, Including the one name which comes to mind, Howard Hughes.

frankd4 topcommenter

when BACHMANN and PALIN act like this on mass-media the get elected and make big money as celebrities - this kid simply has to come out against abortion and claim to be anti-gay and support the NRA and basically hug the GOP conservative platform - and maybe she will get elected as a senator of congresswoman somewhere

drakemallard topcommenter

 We have no more stupid people in this country. Everybody has a "learning disorder". Or she's "minimally exceptional".


"has mental issues" sounds derogatory. The headline should really be "has a history of mental illness". 

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