Trayvon Jury Is Stacked

The injustice that began with the murder of Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin continues. As the trial of George Zimmerman, the man who shot the 17-year-old boy last year, gets underway in Sanford, I find it appalling that Seminole County Circuit Judge Debra Nelson did not allow a single African-American to sit on the jury or serve as an alternate. In fact, the jury is stacked in Zimmerman's favor. Five of the jurors are white middle-aged women. The sixth is a Hispanic woman.

Special prosecutor Angela Corey didn't fight hard enough to make sure a diverse group would determine the case's outcome. Benjamin Crump, the attorney representing Martin's parents, should have protested the predominantly white makeup of the jury. Instead, Crump told MSNBC that the dead boy's parents were "putting their faith in the justice system, and they pray that it doesn't fail them."

The reality is that the jury selection process was not fair to Trayvon. One of the jurors, B-37, a middle-aged white woman with lots of pets, described the protests and rallies in Sanford last year to bring Zimmerman to justice as "riots." She also admitted to having a concealed weapons permit at one time. She's essentially on Team Zimmerman and gets to decide his fate. Meanwhile, prospective juror M-75, a young black woman, was rejected because she admitted some of her friends attended the Martin rallies.

C. Stiles

This trial should have been held in another jurisdiction. The jury selection proves it will be difficult to convict Zimmerman on his home turf. Heck, he initially seemed to get away with the murder when Bill Lee, the Sanford Police chief at the time of the shooting, refused to charge Zimmerman with a crime, believing the bullshit story that the self-appointment neighborhood watchman killed Trayvon in self-defense. It took tens of thousands of black people protesting in the streets to force authorities to charge Zimmerman with murder.

It will be virtually impossible for five white women from a racist town to find Zimmerman guilty. When he is found not guilty, the verdict will to set Florida back to the days before the civil rights movement.

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clearly you know nothing about the legal system. the defendant and plaintiff both agree to the jury chosen. this jury is picked after a myriad of questions asked by the state and the defense, to ensure that they are competent enough, to be able to understand the evidence presented to them in the forthcoming trial. this jury is unbiased of the case, to ensure a FAIR trial.

there are NO black persons on the jury because BOTH sides didn't chose a black juror.

on another note, angela corey was overly eager to charge george zimmerman with second degree murder that she unethically omitted evidence and falsely signed an arrest affidavit under oath. she is currently being criminally indicted by the citizen's grand jury. 

if you wish to report "news" then report facts, NOT your personal opinion. i wonder why you are under the category of news when its evident that your "articles" are blog post.


does anyone think its Funny the Martin Family (attorney) said this is not about race....

after a year of calling this racial profiling....  

Then again, they didn't know their son called Zimmerman a crazy ass cracker.  (assuming they don't read cursive either)...    


If Geroge Zimmerman is found guilty, as I believe he will be, I believe Mr. Campbell should issue an apology to the jury and to the entire city of Sanford for labeling them all as racists, with an imability to be fair and impartial.  I am a huge fan of yours, Mr. Campbell, but labeling all white people as racist is just as wrong as any other form of racism.


The other thing is the autopsy showed cuts to the knuckles of TM, not GZ.

if the only one getting a beating is GZ, why would TM yell for help?  

Everyone of the eye witnesses said TM was on top.    

when you look at the crime scene you'll see how TM could have made it to his house, but for some reason doubled back to meet GZ.  

 -Why would he do that?     



Drake seems to  have a selective memory of events, provided by media.  Media that has a vested interest in creating controversy.

if there was DNA on the gun, that would have meant TM had a hold of the gun, not trying to get the gun. 

Police  arrived and put GZ in handcuffs  when would he have had time to punch himself in the nose and smash his head on the pavement.  (does that really make sense to you?)

and sure, GZ was following a kid in a black hoodie, at night, someone he's never seen before cutting into a gated community.  not the normal entrance.   and was acting suspicous.

Wouldn't you do the same, if there were a rash of burglaries in your neighborhood? 

and everyone has heard GZ say, OK when told not to follow TM.  the then the sound from the phone mic changes... to quite.  -like he stopped running.

here's the question for you, what happened in the 30 min between TM buying his Arizona WATERMELON drink, skittles, then asking the 3 guys to buy him blunts at the 7-11.

 also what is LEAN drink...   what are the 3 ingredients needed to make it?

face facts TM was on his way to being a Thug, and was sent away by his Mother since she was unable to control him.

Racism.  it seems its not from White middle class men. 

drakemallard topcommenter

george has some verbal altercation, panics and shoots Trayvon Martin, then cuts his own head to fake an attack.  George Zimmerman’s head wound was self inflicted after he shot Trayvon Martin to cover?

“According to a records search on George, he was previously arrested for domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence and most shockingly, resisting an officer with violence — a felony charge that surely could have landed him in prison.

The dispatcher asked Zimmerman if he was following him. When Zimmerman answered, "yeah," the dispatcher said, "We don't need you to do that." Zimmerman responded, "Okay

Logic dictates that the person WITHOUT the gun is more likely the one who would be calling for help” Why would the armed person be screaming and yelling "I'm begging you"? Sounds more like something an unarmed person would do when a gun is pointed at them!!

Zimmerman says Martin had been on top of him, slamming his head against the ground and smothering his mouth and nose with his hand and arm when he grabbed his gun from a holster on his waist before Martin could get it. He shot the teenager once in the chest.Trayvon Martin's DNA Not Found On George Zimmerman's Gun George Zimmerman's was the only DNA that could be identified on the grip of the gun used to fatally shoot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin

His story makes no sense. His mouth and nose were being smothered, yet you don't here any muffled or interrupted screams on the 911 call. If Martin was smothering his "bloody face" then why was there none of Zimmerman's DNA on Martin's hands? His story doesn't begin to add up

Exiliado topcommenter

Uncle Luke, as others like him, has already decided that George Zimmerman is guilty. He even refers to the event as murder, and wants Zimmerman convicted. Who cares about evidence? Who cares about due process?

I wonder if Mr. Campbell actually listened to the recording of Zimmerman's call to police. I wonder if he listened to the recordings of the other calls. I wonder if he read what Florida laws have to say about cases like this one. But then again, who cares? Right?

The only thing that seems to matter here is the color of the skin.


@delightfulgirl24 Even a stopped clock can be right twice a day.  Unlike you, Luke is using precedents from the Arthur McDuffie murder trial (all-white jury.  Thanks a lot, Janet Reno!) and the Rodney King police brutality trial (also all-white).  And let's not get into many, many other all-white juries throughout the South's history that have wrongly convicted and acquitted people just because of their races..  It doesn't look good right now for justice.

Oh, and for the record, let's call this an all-white jury, because I frankly wouldn't be surprised if the lone Hispanic juror were at the very least a criollo, if not a white Cuban.

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