Miami Beach Parking Ticket Trauma

Eric Jason Gold would like to wage jihad on the Miami Beach Parking Department.

Problem is, it's too damn expensive.

This past January on a Tuesday night, the 47-year-old property manager drove his gray Kia sedan to South Beach to pick up his partner, who was finishing work on Lincoln Road. Their dog, Polo, was along for the ride.

Mark Poutenis

When Gold exited the car to pay the parking machine, it didn't seem to work. So he and Polo walked a short distance to access another. By the time they returned, a meter officer had rolled up and was writing an $18 ticket.

Gold tried to explain, but the officer, Gustavo Cabana, ignored his entreaties. The ticket is stamped 11:39 p.m.

Most people would have given up there. Gold persevered. He sent a letter asking that the fine be dropped. No such luck. He attended a hearing, but the presiding officer, Susan Klock, didn't want to listen to his complaints. Before he could even make his case, he says, she turned him down. On May 3, he received a note that there would be a new fee: $45.

He penned an eloquent letter to Miami Beach. "I do not accept the injustice of this kind of indiscriminate oppression," he wrote, sounding like Thomas Paine. "At what cost to our community are we so driven to obtain revenue that we penalize our hardworking citizens even whilst they attempt to abide by regulations?"

Bureaucrats sympathized but couldn't help, he says.

So Gold sent an appeal to the appellate court. On May 8, the answer came back: An appeal would cost $383.

"Why don't they just walk up to people on the street and demand money from them?" Gold says. "They refuse to take responsibility."

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frankd4 topcommenter


eric jason gold

a name that would be more famous than washington, or franklin , or jefferson....................IF he only comes up with a way to beat CITY HALL, specifically the parking violations beureau of city hall

what isn't presented here is that parking violations regulations were enacted with "screwing the tourists" as the main purpose to feast on those rich money spewing cottonballs from the northeast who have a definite departure time and right or wrong cannot pursue redress and must leave for home = so they pay

when economic calculations are made for a super bowl..........a significant amount of the gross amount is for revenue generated by parking violations (as an additional TOURIST TAX - screw them because they don't VOTE here they're just visiting !)

recently my OWN out-of-towners got a PARKING VIOLATION TIMED at twelve minutes BEFORE the expiration TIME on their paid parking ticket which was on the dashboard indicated = slam dunk to fix - right ? well they would have to pay $250 to appeal and appear in TAMPA for a hearing ! ? ! so they paid the $25 parking violation and now have a relatively INexpensive SOUVENIR proving to ALL how greedy and dishonest and scam-ridden south florida is

UNfortunately MIAMI is ground zero in south florida for scams - city operations included


Miami Beach still has the highest crime for a city its size.  They should be paying you to come and visit.  Ticket should have been voided after meeting the parking director. 


During the late 70's through the mid 80's, when a large part of Miami Beach was a blighted crime infested toilet, the city had the same indifferent attitude, but less money.  All I can suggest is for tourists and locals to take their money somewhere else, anywhere else.  Eventually, when the coffers go low again,  the arrogant bureaucrats in charge of the parking ripoff will feel the wrath of their venial merecenary bosses.  


Everyone living in Miami Beach for a while knows the Miami Beach Traffic and Parking department is a mafia along with the Towing Truck business. The whole appeal process is a big joke, made useless precisely for you to simply GIVE-UP and PAY. I have been living in the beach for over 10 years and have lived it, injustice does not cut it. The parking cops won't listen, and if you appeal, it has to be in person, and if you go to their office at 1130 Washington Ave, be ready to wait for the infinite patience of the one or two employees attending a queue always of over fifteen people, even if you get a chance to speak to them in one to two hours waiting, they will not understand or try to, rather repeat the script of "pay or appeal".


My Question is this .

What is Miami Beach doing with all this money ?  Parking alone must be bringing in huge revenues.

Then the permits and fees and taxes.

The Mob Would be Proud.


goodluck with the case and thank you for seeking justice.  it is our responsibility as US citizens to follow through and ensure that our society does not become complacent towards injustice, at any legitimate level.

frankd4 topcommenter


the same mentality has already killed HOLLYWOOD and will also ultimately KILL ft lauderdale

sections of downtown MIAMI are ghost-towns because of it

compare that to say BOSTON which relaxes its parking restrictions after PM rush hour at 8 pm = and downtown BOSTON is lively and vibrant and fun

in MIAMI be lucky you only get a ticket in BROWARD predatory towing operations take your car away and damage it and ransack and loot it and hold it hostage

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