Behind the Scenes of the "Ag-Gag" War

The death match between Big Ag and undercover animal-rights activists rages on.

As she would later tell independent journalist Will Potter, she noticed "a live cow who appeared to be sick or injured being carried away from the building in a tractor as though she were nothing more than rubble."

Meyer took out her cell phone and started recording. A Smith manager called the police, claiming Meyer had trespassed. But a Draper City officer allowed her to leave, believing she had remained on public land.

Two weeks later, city prosecutor Ben Rasmussen charged Meyer with "agricultural operation interference," a crime under Utah's new ag-gag law. She became the first person in American history to be ensnared for the crime of filming cows.

Cody Carlson
Samuel Zide
Cody Carlson
The scene at Country View Family Farms in Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania.
Mercy For Animals
The scene at Country View Family Farms in Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania.

In April, Potter posted the tale of Meyer's travails on his website, Green Is the New Red ( The story went viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of readers before the site crashed from the volume.

Within a day, Rasmussen decided Meyer didn't make a very good criminal after all and dropped the charges.

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How come the article doesn't mention how NYC food groups and politicians fought for the cheapest possible milk out of rural NY in the late 1990's.  When the thousands of family scale farms tried to organize collective bargaining to give them a means of negotiating with powerful milk dealers, NYC officials and food groups broke it up. The NY Times editorialized against the farmers and letters to the editor demanded cheaper milk from "efficient" corporate farms. 

Mar To
Mar To

and is getting worse.


These people are so vile!!! Thank God that Cody has the balls to report these monsters!!

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That asshole who shot the horse should be tied down and raped by a clydesdale