Ultra Partiers Say Club Space Made Them Buy Back-Alley Pants

Music is a powerful thing. It can help us fall in love, inspire us to athletic feats, and prompt white men to move their creaky Caucasian hips. But for one group of tourists, their dedication to seeing a DJ downtown during Ultra weekend led to a nightmarish ordeal outside Club Space. Despite already having $45 tickets, they say they were forced to wait for two hours, beg half a dozen bouncers, and — yes, really — buy pants out of some dude's trunk to get into the chichi club.

"It was the most ridiculous experience I've had at a club in my entire life," says Matt, a New Yorker who sent an angry complaint to Space after the incident. (He spoke to New Times on the condition that his last name be withheld.)

A Space rep did not respond to a request for comment.

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Matt says he and four friends met in Miami last month for ten straight days of uhntz-uhntz-ing. They were prepared to enjoy both Ultra and a post-festival Datsik concert at Space. They wore shorts and casual tops to the fest but had called Space ahead of time to ensure their attire wouldn't cause them any trouble at the door.

When they showed up at the club around 1 a.m., the bouncer immediately told them to take a hike. "No shorts," he said. Instead, he pointed toward an alley down the block. "But you can buy some pants over there."

Matt and his two male friends nervously made their way down the dark passageway, where a mustached man in his mid-40s stood next to an open car trunk. Inside were dozens of pairs of not-so-new-looking pants. "Thirty dollars," he said. Matt talked him down to $20, picked out a baggy pair of Dockers with the name "Jong" written in marker inside, sniffed them, and slipped them over his shorts.

When the buddies again tried to get into Space, however, another bouncer pointed at the tank top that Matt's friend had on. They explained they had just risked a mugging to buy pants from a man in an alley, and the bouncer waved them through — until he noticed their CamelBak water pouches.

"I explained that they were empty, that our hotel was 18 miles away, and that we'd pay to check them inside," Matt says. "Instead, this 'roid-head's ego made him kick us off the line."

The group was herded into yet another line with the promise they'd soon be inside. But when they reached the front around 2:45 a.m., Matt says, another bouncer asked, "What are you going to do for me?"

"We had already spent nearly $500 on the tickets, the taxi, and the pants," Matt says. "So I pulled out a $10. He just laughed in my face."

But Matt says he didn't let Space poop on his party. Instead, the group used the last of its cash to catch a cab to Wet Willie's on South Beach, where, instead of seeing Datsik, they got sick on alcoholic slushies.

As soon as he was back in New York, Matt dashed off an angry email to the club, but he hasn't received a response.

"What blows is that every single employee at Club Space acted like they were out for themselves, trying to hustle us for extra money," he says. "Even New York clubs are more chill than that."

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This article is great. It really shows the club in its true light. I think anyone that has gone there has had a bad experience. 


I stopped going to Space long ago because I was tired of always having to bribe bouncers to let me in to pay the cover. Fuck that tragic club.


I doubt anybody would be nervous or afraid of being mugged in front of club Space. There are always 100 cops and cop cars around there at that time. As far any "dark  alleys", that is total BS. There is a small parking lot on the side of Space and a bigger lot in the back. No dark alleys that I can think of. There's a dress code - like at most clubs. No shorts; no tank tops. What is wrong with that? This is a stupid article about nothing. Where/how did NewTimes find this guy?
And there exists no other line to be "hoarded" into. You have the ropes in the front and then the line to pay (or to show your pre-paid tickets). Once you pay your in.

I'm not here promoting Space or anything. To each his own for where they like to go out. But a usually respectable newspaper like New Times shouldn't waste their time writing garbage like this.

miamitrev2 topcommenter

You get what you deserve for wanting to go to Club Space in the first place


@albert93You are absolutely incorrect and could be affiliated with the club. If you walk out in front, there is a darker part of the road about 80 yards out. In terms of dress code, it was Ultra Weekend and he asked prior to attending a dubstep show where people usually don't "dress to impress." And, when you are at the club there is the main line roped off but then a swarm of people wait off to the right at some points at which point you have to bribe your way in. It seems like the problem was not the act of being rejected as much as the way it was handled. It is apparent that the bouncers have a side deal with a guy selling pants out of a trunk. (Cartoon is awesome by the way haha) This place is slimey at best and I would have to agree with miamitrev in getting what you deserve for ever going there in the first place.

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