(Alliegro tells New Times that she fell off a horse and suffered memory loss, hence the "haze.")

Rivera replied, "Landed safe and sound. I will start doing research to find medicinal remedies and other therapies for your memory loss. I've often heard fish can be helpful to regain memory lost from head injuries such as yours. Love you very much too."

Later that evening, Alliegro responded to an email from her dad, who was trying to persuade her to return to Miami. "I like it here away from the jerks," she wrote. "I will be back when I have made my fortune and healed from the damage the liberals have delivered upon me."

Alliegro (left) and Rivera
Alliegro (left) and Rivera

Alliegro confirms she emailed Rivera but says her memory is still hazy from that fall. "I messed myself up bad."

She denies that Rivera visited her in Nicaragua and says she remembers sending him emails but doesn't recall him responding.

In a couple of weeks, Salon La Libertad will move to a cheaper locale on Calle Guzmán. Business has slowed since reports in Miami's Spanish-language media revealed that her dad trained Contras. Soon she'll have to return to Miami to renew her passport. When she does, she says, she won't dodge the FBI.

"I haven't abandoned my country," Alliegro says. "I feel my country has abandoned me. But if I have to testify, I will. Make no mistake about it — I will not take the Fifth. I will answer whatever questions they ask me."

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