Telemundo 51, Pep Boys Lot. "There is a wonderful blend of incredible virtuosity and romanticism here that makes the music extra-special. But it is the energy of the crowd that takes it to the next level. This stage features Pichaco, Sammy, Arsenilli, Davon, Victoria, Bersachi, Willie Panama, Andy Pita, Hom, Ambar, Arlin, Juan Esteban, Widy, Carlos Faroy, Barbara Ruiz, Ulanito, Melina Almodóvar, Lefty Perez, Cabas, Carlos Manuel, Eri White, Farruko, Fito Blanko, and Oro Solido. This is gonna be party town."

Miami Herald Stage, 24th Avenue North. "I was selected king of this year's festival by a committee of my peers, but I was definitely caught by surprise when they called me on Valentine's Day and told me. My jaw dropped. I was very surprised. This stage features Conjunto Progreso and represents tradition — Havana transplanted to Miami. This is a band that really makes it Little Havana."

Winn-Dixie Family Fun Zone, El Dorado Parking Lot. "Everybody knows I love to eat. Just look at me. This stage features Chef Pepín and his cooking demonstrations. He and I are good friends, and I'm a fan of food, so I'm a fan of Chef Pepín. This is where I'm gonna stop first, in the middle, and at the end of the day."

Mr. Worldwide stays grounded in the 305. ¡Dale!
John Russo
Mr. Worldwide stays grounded in the 305. ¡Dale!

Location Info


Calle Ocho

Corner of SW 8th St. and 10th Ave.
Miami, FL 33135

Category: Attractions and Amusement Parks

Region: Little Havana


Calle Ocho 2013: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, March 10, at the corner of SW Eighth Street and 10th Avenue, Miami. Admission is free. Visit

Univision, 27th Avenue East. "There's a full-day's lineup of performances and me with an orchestra as the headliner. It's the community stage, and Univision is a force in our community and the world. I worked there for many years. I'm proud of the work they're doing, and it shows the growth in Hispanic America. They just overtook ABC in the national ratings. These folks are serious. This stage is where salsa meets jazz. To me it's a highlight of the year."

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William Tilford
William Tilford

The opening of the first paragraph may not have used the best literary tool to convey the sentiment that people get up early in the morning, and hopefully this will not prick the ire of more conservative readers. (I personally did enjoy the prose overall.)


great prose, love the opening paragraph

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