Ray Story, the 47-year-old president of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, has high hopes for the cigarettes. Reached in Amsterdam, he said his company — Miami-based Smoking Everywhere — once had kiosks in 450 malls across the country.

Story and his company were the ones who filed suit in 2009 and forced the FDA to retreat from initially classifying e-cigarettes as drug delivery devices (like nicotine patches), thus making tough regulations applicable. He was joined by a company called Sottera, whose then-CEO, Matt Salmon, won a seat in the House of Representatives last election. "We won and made it a legal product again," Story says. "Nicotine and caffeine don't do anything. They're just like water. Drink eight gallons of water and it'll kill you."

Although he supports independent retail outfits like Vapor Shark, Story thinks they'll be obsolete when e-cigarettes become "readily available at convenience stores." Big Tobacco, which initially ignored the e-cigarette market, is just getting in on the act. RJ Reynolds is developing its own brand, and Lorillard, which makes Newports, purchased e-cigarette brand Blu.

Brandon Leidel launched Vapor Shark online in 2010 and moved into a storefront in March 2012.
George Martinez
Brandon Leidel launched Vapor Shark online in 2010 and moved into a storefront in March 2012.

Location Info


Vapor Shark Store & Lounge

6550 Bird Road
Miami, FL 33155

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Sweetwater/Westchester/West Miami

Scientific studies remain scant, and the battle rages on. Although FDA studies have found carcinogens in e-cigs, levels were not nearly as high as in traditional cigarettes. One study found that smoking e-cigarettes caused some respiratory distress. There are other issues as well: E-cigarettes aren't yet taxed but probably will be; and a company belonging to inventor Hon Lik has filed suit against a slew of companies for patent infringement.

At Vapor Shark's Miami store, Leidel says his company is already preparing for the FDA rules. These days, he says he's so busy he has had to hire two people. "People ask all the time whether they can open a franchise," he contends.

During a visit, no customers seemed to care they might be inhaling a scary substance mixed by some random juice guy in back.

"I thought it was the greatest invention ever," said Latoya Friday, a neurophysiologist who smoked Newports daily before switching to a "very chic" pink Fusion.

"People are like, 'What is that?' And I'm like, 'It's the greatest thing ever,'" said 20-year-old FIU student Roger Notario, holding his black one.

A 57-year-old who gave his name as "Tommy" had been smoking for 40 years and, like his buddies — a group of troopers and policemen — was now switching to e-cigs. "Now about ten of us have them. It's spreading."

And at the Hallandale store, Jeff Godfrey, a 52-year-old, said, "The FDA is not there to help us. They're there to screw us." The only justification he could see for the FDA blocking e-cigarettes while allowing conventional ones was that "they would rather have you pay tax, then die."

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This question answer is varies from person to person. If you ask e cigarette user then they will will fever of e cigarette and if you ask non-smoker than they will not in fever of it. But all these answers are believe not on evidence.  If you want evidence than we have to wait till FDA not response on e cigarette.



I think vapor cigarettes are a way better alternative.  I have never smoked cigarettes and hate being around smoke.  My wife just saw a new electronic cigarette store about to open in the east coral springs area and more power to all these guys.  Its better for us who hate 2nd hand smoke, better for the environment and of course a better alternative to regular cigarettes.  We think its great!  for those in the general area its http://www.VintageJoye.com  - Not sure of their actual opening date...store said September  but hey its time to get smart and get off the cancer sticks.


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