Toronto Sisters Say Miami Beach Cops Called Them "Dirty Canadians," Roughed Them Up

During the darkest months of winter, half of Canada flees to South Florida. So you'd think police would have some respect for the maple-syrup-guzzling visitors who fuel the local economy through spring break.

That's not what one pair of sisters from Toronto found in Miami Beach last month. The women say two Beach cops assaulted them while hurling insults such as "bitches," "sluts," and "dirty Canadians." Not very neighborly, eh?

"When my daughters got back to the condo, they looked terrible," says Sharon Carpenter, their mother. "They were covered in bruises and were bawling their eyes out."

Det. Bobby Hernandez, a spokesman for MBPD, declined to comment because there's an open investigation. But he said the sisters didn't follow through on their allegations: "When it came time for [them] to give a formal sworn statement, they refused."

The pair, Angelina and Michelle Mastrangelo, ran afoul of the cops just before 10 p.m. on December 23. They were hanging with three dudes they'd met near the beach entrance of the Ritz-Carlton on Lincoln Road and smoking cigarettes while the guys puffed on a spliff.

"They were smoking weed, not us," Michelle insists. "Two cops approached us because apparently we were on private property."

That's when things escalated. Two officers, six-year veterans William Beeker and Eduard Alba, appeared, and Angelina, who is 24, says Beeker told her to "sit the fuck down, bitch." When she refused, he pushed her against a wall, pulled her to the ground, and cuffed her.

Angelina was charged with resisting arrest without violence, and Michele, who is four years younger, was charged with disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest without violence, and criminal mischief. In their report, the cops say the sisters "became irate, yelling and screaming," while Angelina "stood up and approached in an aggressive and threatening manner."

At the police station, Michelle claims, Alba called her sister "Miss Piggy" and "fat bitch" when she told him her weight. "Alba also called us sluts, cunts, and dirty Canadians," Michelle says. "He told the other male cops not to talk to us because they would get HIV."

The sisters were transported to county jail, where they stayed until their mother bailed them out eight hours later. "I had to wake my sister up in Toronto and ask her to put the $3,150 for the bail on her credit card," Carpenter grouses. "We didn't have any fun... I'm never, ever in my life going back to Miami."

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I have to say that I believe the two girls, NOT the policemen. I myself have had similar experiences with the police here, and the part where Angelina said she was called horribly derogatory names and mocked for her weight rang true to me. The police here are just absolutely foul, and everyone that lives on the beach knows it. STEER CLEAR.


I think the Police did their Job and did it well. First off, what is the younger one thinking and going out and Consuming Alcohol. Where did she get the Booze. I thought the drinking age in Florida was 21 and not 20. Did a Bar serve her? She must have fake ID. More charges. If the Mom served her, she should be charged as well. I think if they had listened to the Officers instructions none of this would have happened. I read the article in the Toronto Star on how they are "Good Girls". FYI Good girls don't hang out with strange guys smoking weed on Private Property and then mouth off to Police. Looks like they received some much needed discipline that their Parents maybe never gave them. I wonder if they will try this selfish stunt again. My guess is that they learned a valuable lesson. Hope so. Embarrassed to say they are Canadian. And as for the Mom saying "We are never coming back to Miami again". You should forward that Statement to US Customs so they can make sure you are not allowed back in the US again.


Avoid Miami Beach until the Miami Beach Police Department can clean up its act. Which won't be anytime soon.

Try Mexico. The beaches are nice, it's just as sunny, and the police are less corrupt and thuggish than in Miami Beach. 

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