The winners are: Sara Jay and Angelina Castro. This enterprising pair promised a free blowjob to any Miami Heat fan if LeBron and company won a title. The marathon never actually happened even though the Heat took home a ring, probably because the NBA threatened legal action. But kudos to these two ladies for drumming up all the crazy publicity.

Special Achievement in Masturbation: We all do it. Some of us just get more attention for it. Take for instance Floridians Tracy Mabb and Ashley Holton, who stopped traffic on separate occasions while pleasuring themselves on the road. Jeffrey Marriott thought his front yard was the best place to whack it, while Jennifer Piranian was booked for doing it at a Starbucks.

Tracy Mabb
Broward Sheriff's Office
Tracy Mabb

The winner is: Tracy Mabb. Yes, it was the mug shot.

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