By now, McAfee apparently thought his lessons had been wasted on me. I had not become the "King Kong" he said I really was, so he turned to the Herald reporter. "I haven't seen a movie in two years," he said. "You want to go see a movie tonight?"

We climbed into the cab once more. Moments later, we were near the Beacon Hotel on Ocean Drive. Camacho pulled over, and McAfee and I stepped out. He lit his Marlboro as we ambled south on the crowded sidewalk. I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to tell me, anything about the murder. Anything he regretted. McAfee stopped.

"I hardly even knew Greg Faull," he said. "He liked to drink. I gave up drinking nearly 30 years ago."

McAfee philosophizes over sushi: "Life is infinite. You can't have rules for infinity."
Michael E. Miller
McAfee philosophizes over sushi: "Life is infinite. You can't have rules for infinity."

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And what about the reports that he had been in the bar the night of the murder, staring daggers at his neighbor?

"I own a bar, and I won't even go inside. That was just somebody making shit up to get on TV."

But there is something he regretted, he said. He had left his longtime partner to embark on this insane international media circus. McAfee asked me not to print her name — the only time all day he made that request — and for a moment I watched him envision his past or perhaps imagine an alternate future. Then he ducked into the sunglass store for a disguise.

Within two minutes, TV cameras began to crowd the doorway. Our time was up.

"Did you really expect to be able to hide from them that long?" I asked, extending my hand.

"I don't expect an honest article," McAfee told me, donning his new sunglasses. "But it better at least be well written. Otherwise, I'm going to send Sam to kill you."

Then he smiled and was lost in the churning horde.

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@melissalyttle I went aero trekking with that guy a few years ago for a story in AZ. Interesting to see how he's spent his time since.


Hey, McAfee, since you are a self-professed liar, why should your just saying you didn't kill Greg Faull be good enough? Like we should believe you? You are a compulsive liar & I believe you killed him. Enjoy your freedom while you can, because your lies are catching up with you. I'd take real good care of Samantha & Amy or they will turn on you. That's what I'm hoping.


Hey, McAfee, since you're a self-professed liar, why should you just saying that you didn't murder Greg Faull, be good enough? Like we should believe you?


Her name was Jennifer, or Jenn, & she caught him in bed with Amy, the 17 year old who tried to kill him. She demanded he throw Amy out, but he refused and she packed up and left him & Belize after 12 years together, since she was 19. Smart girl.... Finally. You are an evil, evil man with a sick, psychopathic mind, McAfee, & I can't wait until your fate catches up with you. Hopefully, it will be soon, before someone else ends up murdered.

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