O'Grime: Pearl Necklace (self-released). Aside from "gettin' gwap and eating tacos," O'Grime is all about the kind of hilariously nasty next-level rap that snatches its swag from "hip-hop, trap, dubstep, house, metal, hardcore, trance, jazz, two-step garage, drum 'n' bass, everything!" In 2011, L.Rey and Niko dropped a wild and raunchy nine-song eponymous EP stacked with tracks such as "Kush Smoke & Pussy" and "Domework." But homies wiled out even harder in 2012, unleashing a hot and sticky full-length release, Pearl Necklace, adorned with a fine lady's long, beautiful neck and plentiful boobs wearing jewelry made of ejaculate. Now, as L.Rey and Niko say, "Erbody yoppin!" S. Pajot

TEEPEE: Distant Love or: Time Never Meant Anything, and Never Will (Revera Corporation). TEEPEE sure is different from Teepee, Erix S. Laurent's delicate one-man drone-pop project that was a New Times Best of Miami winner in 2010. For starters, not even REO Speedwagon had the balls to capitalize its full name. Plus, TEEPEE is now a really fucking loud five-piece, filled out by a rotating cast of musicians from Miami's best bands, including Deaf Poets and Little Beard. And this second LP: It's a gorgeous, fuzzed-out masterwork that weaves between aural punishment and sublime beauty without ever losing the plot. Awesome. Actually, we mean AWESOME. B. Caplan

Jesse Perez: "Jesse Don't Sport No Jerry Curl" (Hot Creations). If future archaeologists dig up Jesse Perez's records a thousand years from now, they will conclude that those ancient Miamians were sex-crazed freaks obsessed with grinding on each other. And would they be wrong? This DJ, producer, and Mr. Nice Guy Records label boss makes music for one reason and one reason only: to make chongitas bounce their booties on the floor. And when the ultra-hyped Hot Creations label released "Jesse Don't Sport No Jerry Curl" and B-side "Dejen de Comer Tanta Pinga" in March, they also launched Jesse Perez as Miami's new international ambassador of sleazy, fun-loving house. Sean Levisman

SpaceGhostPurrp: Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp (4AD). All-black swag. That's Carol City rapper SpaceGhostPurrp's absolute essence. He is the self-described "Black God" who leads a sprawling, volatile rap collective called the Raider Klan. He digs vampires. He always chooses charcoal-colored clothes. And he's an intensely moody dude who ain't afraid of "fightin' fake motherfuckers." So, obviously, Mysterious Phonk — the 21-year-old Klan leader's official debut album, following several rep-making mixtapes — is a strange, dark, syrupy trip into sex, paranoia, and violence. It's also a masterpiece. And if he doesn't deliver on his threats to retire, SGP might be the 305's next real rap legend. S. Pajot

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