The cheesecake roll is cream-cheese mousse with banana caramel that's battered and immersed in hot oil until its coating is golden and crisp. The dessert is served with piped whipped cream and a generous scoop of red-bean ice cream. This combination would usually border on overload, but Yakko-San is open late, and coupling fried dough with cheese and cream is always acceptable past midnight.

Hamachi jalapeño pepper
Hamachi jalapeño pepper

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3881 NE 163rd St.
North Miami Beach, FL 33160

Category: Restaurant > Asian

Region: North Dade


Photos: A Closer Look at Yakko-San



Open daily noon to 3 a.m.

Lemongrass saketini $8.50
Crispy bok choy $6.50
Hamachi jalapeño pepper $11.50
Salmon avocado carpaccio $12.50
Crispy pork onion salad $7.50
Fried cheesecake roll $4.75

To say the menu here is extensive is an understatement. You can get conch sashimi, king crab rolls, and uni nigiri. You can get sautéed chicken gizzards, pan-fried beef tongue steak, miso soup, and chrysanthemum tempura. But despite newer additions, the best dishes at Yakko-San still begin and end in the deep fryer. It remains the part of the kitchen where some of Miami's most affordable, delectable dishes continue to be born.

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Damn, what a waste. An article completely devoid of any meat, on a place that every person likely to try it has already been to. Forget the lack of substance here (there's only the most passing attempt to compare the new incarnation to the old, which is the only decent slant this article could have taken). There's not even any passion to this writing. Sad, sad, sad. Where's Lee when you need him?