Considering the present motivation for the Who to tour, Townshend's comments could be considered ironic. Then again, the entire concept of a band that's achieved such respected status and still tours at such an advanced age seems, in itself, an unlikely distinction, especially for an outfit that started out in the rough-and-tumble realms of London's Shepherd's Bush environs.

"The future is going to bring some changes," Townshend told Crowe. "I don't think we should have to assume any more attitudes or roles and play along with a game plan that we can't sincerely and honestly deal with. Even if one can get away with it, hypocrisy is not tolerable in something as intrinsically honest as rock 'n' roll. It's very hypocritical for a band like the Who to stand onstage and pretend that they're adolescents, when all they're really doing is reliving their adolescence. So the future, if nothing else, at least holds a challenge for the group to really see themselves as they are."

Still, despite those misgivings, the decision to tackle a long-ago classic of this magnitude may, in fact, go down as another milestone for a band whose collective career has been built on scaling one pinnacle after another. Along with the Stones, they're one of the few bands that managed to survive the 1960s and transition into the new millennium, however awkward it sometimes seemed.

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The Who: With special guests Vintage Trouble. 7:30 p.m. Thursday, November 1, BB&T Center, 1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise. Tickets cost $50 to $145, with fees. Call 954-835-7000, or visit

Townshend said: "I think back now to the way I was when I wrote those songs and I like what I wrote, and I like the success I came up with... I had sharper edges. Those edges aren't quite so sharp now. So I wonder whether ten years from now I'll like what I've done today as much as I like what I did ten years ago now."

Forty years hence, he apparently believes both he and the album have aged rather well.

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