When Narinesingh finished the story, Brown was astonished. Duchess had delivered the same crying routine during her procedure.

"My hands were sweating, and I thought, Oh, my God, what are you doing here?" Narinesingh says. But, comforted by producers and makeup stylists, she stepped out in front of the bright lights.

She glanced at some of the audience members and knew they would judge her. But she told herself to stay calm, that she "had integrity" and was there to educate people. She kept her composure, even when Brown began a shouting match with the man who had helped Duchess with some of the procedures. Later, on the Spanish talk show Cristina, Narinesingh, smiling awkwardly, was caught in the middle as the two tried to fight, Jerry Springer-style.

Narinesingh: From agoraphobe to actress.
Colby Katz
Narinesingh: From agoraphobe to actress.

But Narinesingh never argued or became angry. She stared into the camera and told her story. "It's almost like you're taking control of the situation."

The Germans struck Narinesingh as more attentive to her biography. She thought Cristina was even-handed as well. The Brits went in for tabloid glory: "Shocking new before-and-after pictures reveal horrific damage," read a Daily Mail headline.

One day, some trans friends forwarded an email: A production company in Miami was holding auditions for a new TV pilot with an all-trans cast. She decided to try out.

The producer, Janice Danielle, an actress from California, had recently been fired from a leading role on a mainstream show when the director found out she was transgender. She decided to stage a one-of-a-kind production, a soap opera about a rich mother who favors vanity over her kids, in which every actor — men, women, children — was transgender. Danielle played the role of Bella, the bitchy, narcissistic mom.

Danielle liked Narinesingh from the beginning. "I saw in her appearance that the exterior did not match the interior," she says. "Inside, she was really sweet." Danielle tweaked a role just for her: the ugly-duckling aunt with a heart of gold.

Danielle also discovered "Miss Jazz," the 11-year-old girl, through a support group for trans kids and their parents. Jazz, a Broward County native, expressed a desire to cut off her penis at the age of 5. Her parents are supportive but protective, Danielle says. The real controversy will start in a year or two, when Jazz either hits male puberty or begins taking hormones to fight it.

The show has wrapped filming for now, with about ten hours of footage. No network has bought the rights, but a pilot episode has been shown on the short-film circuit, including screenings at Outfest in Los Angeles and the Bel Air Film Festival.

Today, Narinesingh lives in a small cottage, hidden behind a rental house in Hollywood near I-95. She keeps the blinds drawn, and fans circulate air that is thick with incense.

She has collected small payments from her TV appearances but still depends on her mother, now 70, for both emotional and financial support as she continues to receive softening injections from her plastic surgeon. Another of Duchess's victims, Shatarka Nuby, died from a bad reaction in July. Duchess faces manslaughter charges.

With face, breast, and butt injections of her own, Narinesingh feels a little like a time bomb. But she has made the most of her fame, playing it for laughs when she isn't warning people of the dangers. She's been making YouTube videos under the name "rajindramiami." In April, as a joke, she produced a video announcing a run for U.S. president.

"The president has to be someone strong," she says in the video, her heavy, outsize breasts swinging. "You know, tough as stone. And who better than me?... I mean, I have cement in my face, chest, hips, and buttocks. I'm pretty sturdy."

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