The movement has grown a lot. There's a shitload of parties now. At least four days out of the week, you can find a nice jam. We're not confined to going to one club to hear good underground music, as before. And with the warm weather we have here, there's no reason why music enthusiasts from out of town should come only during WMC. It's Ibiza year-round. I salute those who genuinely work hard everyday to make that happen.

What are your thoughts on the mainstream EDM explosion this past year? Good or bad?

Well, it's a bit disappointing that the ones benefiting are garbage — or just getting into the scene to see what they can take from it rather than give or add to it. But in reality, it might be a good thing down the road. Those 16-year-olds jamming to electro and Swedish House Mafia are gonna get older and wiser. Meanwhile, guys like myself are gonna be there, waiting for them. And they're gonna thank us for giving them another option. They're gonna recognize real shit, not fabricated beats that have been pushed in their ears by major corporations. They're gonna thank Jesse Perez for bump 'n' grind, because grinding on a chongita is always better than waving a giant glowstick around.

Jesse "El Sucio" Perez
Jesse "El Sucio" Perez

Your sound and image are very deeply rooted in Miami. It's very important to you to represent the 305 to the rest of the world. What is Miami to you? What do you love about our city? And what do you hate about it?

Miami is free pastelitos at Leon Medical Center and more. I don't hate anything about here, although it would be nice to see more local artists getting radio support. Play some SpaceGhostPurrp or ¡Mayday! from time to time. Pitbull and Flo Rida are already well-off. But in general, I love this city. Fuckin' Bangbus is filmed here. You gotta love this shit. Where do they find these chongitas?

So what can you tell us about your new single, "Miami Is My Town"?

I made that track specifically for big-bottomed females. It's gonna cause a pregnancy boom when it drops on August 20.

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