Side dishes are ever so basic: herb-roasted potatoes, black beans and rice, grilled corn, spinach sautéed with mushrooms, and jasmine rice with avocado and cilantro. Whisk's menu has hardly changed since 2009; this section might be an apt one to update a bit (perhaps a few seasonal local vegetables simply prepared).

Service isn't as strong as one would hope. For starters, it's slow. We waited too long for just about everything. On one occasion, we sat for quite awhile until appetizers appeared (no predinner bread is served), and then entrées were crammed onto the table just minutes later. The servers, friendly as they are, for the most part appear inexperienced, although some delays seem a consequence of understaffing; during peak dinner hours, they could use at least a couple of more workers on the floor.

Pastry chef Lorena Inostroza joined the team about eight months ago, but desserts are pretty much the same as always. The key lime pie, often cited as one of Miami's finest — including by me when I last reviewed the restaurant — is a beautifully balanced blend of sweet and tart, with a densely creamy body. A few fresh raspberries on the side came perfectly ripe. Rich, chewy blondies are another longtime favorite, as are home-baked cookies. The chocolate chip versions we tried were nothing special — they were freshly baked, but still the sort of soft round treat a home cook could concoct by following the recipe on a bag of chocolate morsels.

Location Info


Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering

7382 SW 56th Ave.
South Miami, FL 33143

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Coral Gables/South Miami


Whisk Gourmet Food and Catering

Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Closed Sunday.

Pulled pork on corn bread $8.95
Fried green tomato salad $8.95
Pulled pork burritos $11.95
Shrimp 'n' grits $16.95
Key lime pie $5.95

Whisk isn't perfect, but it's a friendly, affordable, crowd-pleasing neighborhood restaurant. Miami simply doesn't have enough of them.

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It's nice to see someone finally made it down to South Miami to give a review of this place. Sure, it's not haute cuisine but Whisk is one of the most consistent and fantastically simple restaurants in Miami. Agreed that we need more neighborhood joints like this (check out NiDo Caffe in upper east side - great neighborhood spot) in Miami. The fried green tomato blt w/ fried egg is an awesome sandwich with flavors so clean you don't realize how unhealthy it is hahaha. I happen to like the minimal dressing on the salads too. Far too many restaurants serve salads swimming in dressing.

Ben from Whisk
Ben from Whisk

whisk is the best. i promise you that everything on the menu is great. steak sandwich.. (asked for it finely chopped)... fried green tomato sandwich with avocado or an egg... all the sandwiches and salads and specials are great. my favorite burger is the jalapeno bacon cheese (dont worry its not too spicy :) ) ... the one thing i would ask of whisk,,and this is not a complaint at all. would just be for some new menu choices. a whisk menu 2.0.. again not complaning, ive just literally been been eating here for 3 years and have had everything multiple times already. delicious though, my favorite restaurant in teh gables.


Love Whisk, need more like it.

Jen Oslé
Jen Oslé

You cannot write enough good things about Whisk!! Love their food and their people.