Biscayne Blvd Photos Show Immigrants and Freedom Fighters

Some call it "el tren de la muerte" (the train of death). Others refer to the rattling death trap as "la bestia" (the beast). Countless migrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and other Central American countries risk their lives boarding cargo trains each year on their way north for a piece of the American Dream.

Every couple of days, hundreds of the region's poorest souls descend on the city of Arriaga in southern Mexico to make the perilous journey to the United States, where they hope to find jobs picking vegetables, mowing lawns, washing cars, or cleaning hotel rooms for minimum wage.

The journey from Arriaga to Los Angeles spans about 2,000 miles. It's thousands more miles to Miami or New York. Between 2007 and 2010, Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz made three harrowing trips between Arriaga (Chiapas) and Ixtepec (Oaxaca) to document the travails of travelers on the infamous freight train.

Anti-Castro Cuban patriots in the '60s.
Jim Nickless
Anti-Castro Cuban patriots in the '60s.

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Centro Cultural Espanol

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Freedom Tower

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"La Bestia: Photography by Isabel Muñoz": Through August 30 at Centro Cultural Español Miami, 1490 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 305-448-9677; Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"Embedded: A Photojournalist Captures Conflict and Resistance": Through August 11. Opening Reception May 24 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Freedom Tower, 600 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 305-237-7700; Tuesday through Saturday noon to 5 p.m.

She was accompanied by Salvadoran journalist Oscar Martinez. Together they told the stories of the men, women, and children who, on average, hop about a dozen different trains to cover the distance. "We rode the train for eight hours at a time, and the heat and speed were incredible," says Martinez, who reports frequently on the topic in the online publication El Faro. "There is no food and little water, and the trains reach speeds upward of 75 kilometers per hour [50 mph], so it's impossible to sleep. Some try latching themselves down with a belt or rope, but more often than not, they fall off."

Riding is particularly terrifying for women, many of whom are raped or forced to trade sexual favors for protection. "Women start taking the pill before starting the trip, the American Dream," Muñoz observes.

The pair's experiences are on view at Centro Cultural Español Miami (CCEM) in "La Bestia: Photography by Isabel Muñoz," a sprawling exhibit featuring 76 medium- and large-format color and black-and-white portraits of the passengers they encountered aboard the trains. It is one of two shows downtown along Biscayne Boulevard that explore issues of immigration and displacement. The other exhibit, opening next week at the Freedom Tower, chronicles a photojournalist's experiences with a militant group of anti-Castro resistance fighters trying to topple Fidel and return to their homeland in the early '60s. Together the shows peel back the curtain on two disparate periods of history relating to economic and political refugees.

At CCEM, Muñoz's arresting suite of photos is complemented with video projections by Mexican artists Andrew Olivera and Eduardo Villalobos, who accompanied Muñoz on the last leg of her journey.

The videos offer a rhythmic perspective of the experience and give spectators a notion of the threat confronting the train passengers. The exhibit also includes documents and data informing viewers of the migration phenomenon.

On display are gripping images, including one of a young bearded man wearing a ­T-shirt emblazoned with a hammer and sickle. Like others who have fallen under the train, he is missing both legs. Each year dozens of migrants tumble beneath the rumbling beast while running to grab a box car ladder. Like something out of a Stephen King horror movie, lucky survivors in the photos tell stories of the train trying to eat them alive as it sucked them under its grinding wheels.

"Another big problem we encountered and actually had to jump off the train once is that the Zetas [one of the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico] have crooks we call 'falcons,' who hide among the groups of immigrants to study their habits and movements," Martinez says. "If one of these falcons spies someone using a public phone often between stops, then they know they might have relatives waiting for them in the U.S. This marks them to the Zetas as easy targets. Then they wait for the right moment to snatch them and ransom them for a few thousand dollars. For them it is easy money."

There are shots of men skipping from box car to box car as the train chugs through a sweltering jungle. And there are photos of mass humanity swarmed atop several box cars. The picture not only reflects the severity of the immigration issue but also reminds viewers that for many of these people, it's not their first trek north aboard the death trains.

The photos of hollow-eyed, shirtless men carrying their few possessions in grimy backpacks, and pregnant mothers surrounded by hungry broods of shoeless children waiting to board the trains leave an unforgettable impression. But at times, many of Muñoz's untitled closeups of listless kids, lovers holding hands, and solitary men riding at night atop box cars seem out of place. It's as if the artist is more concerned with putting a human face on the issue rather than capturing their anguish.

One drawback to the exhibit is the somewhat sterile nature of the presentation. It doesn't convey the chaos that the subjects encountered on their turbulent trek. It would have been much more visceral had it included some of the passengers' belongings and ephemera typically left behind on the train tracks.

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Dave Francis
Dave Francis


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On the topic of E-Verify, Sen. Sessions recalled something that a Border Patrol agent told GOP Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney: “The administration has also been resistant to the popular E-Verify program, never once including it in any of its jobs or economic plans. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, has effectively ended worksite enforcement operations, meaning employers can continue to hire illegal workers rather than out-of-work Americans. . . .”

They [Border Patrol agents] said “when employers are willing to hire people who are here illegally, that's a magnet, and it draws them in. And sanctuary cities, giving tuition breaks to the kids of illegal aliens..... Those things also have to be stopped. If we want to secure the border, we have to make sure we have a fence, determining where people are, enough agents to oversee it, and turn off that magnet. We can't talk about amnesty; we cannot give amnesty to those who have come here illegally”.

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This law is ridiculously out of date with global travel, as any pregnant female can arrive on U.S. soil and claim American citizenship for their new born baby. No change in the law is required, just an amendment, so babies born in the jurisdiction of the United States--at least one parent must be a citizen. Otherwise the annual estimated number of 400.000 newborns entering this country will add up in the billions. Once status is claimed, these mothers with babies are eligible for food, housing, medical and schooling until the age of 18 including their mother. Reported by the Center for Immigration Studies an average annual cost per child K-12 is $7,161.00 and exceeds $109 billion annually per cycle of ‘Foothold’ babies. That’s your taxes given out to the 400,000 mothers and their kids annually, gaining a nice little inheritance from Americans.

Is there so much money just lying around, as the Solar panel manufacturer “Solyndra’ with 535 million worth of loan guarantees or the General Service Administration (GSA) debacle in Las Vegas and whatever else is out there? How much more money are taxpayers supposed to conjure up, without accountability? Illegal Immigration unfortunately has adverse consequences on all our lives, but mainly the cost of supporting them. $113 billion dollars a year and climbing is a very unhealthy situation, when we cannot cater to our own poor.

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A Border Patrol official working along the Texas border said administration officials are deliberately failing to document what is actually happening on the border. “In many cases my supervisors make it clear that they don’t want increased apprehension numbers, which means no arrests,” he said.

Saying, “Security is being compromised as the government seeks to keep a lid on the border as a campaign issue during the presidential election cycle. Department of Homeland Security’s Border Patrol agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are being told not to make arrests of noncriminal illegal immigrants and not to patrol areas of high traffic along the roughly 2,000-mile Southwest border”.