"Gicquel told me that when he took this picture, Matta had been preparing for a big solo at a gallery in New York. But when the dealer hosted Matta at his home, the artist screwed his wife while he was at the gallery organizing the exhibit. And when he returned and discovered them together, he canceled the show."

Afterward, we head to Primary Projects (4141 NE Second Ave.), where Lawrence Gipe's "In the Valle de los Caidos" offers the conceptual artist and University of Arizona professor's take on the controversy surrounding the pharaonic tomb at an enormous cathedral that Generalissimo Francisco Franco had built for himself in the Sierra de Guadarrama near Madrid, using prisoners of war as slave labor.

Qhi is impressed by how the artist deftly captured recent Spanish history and how his homeland seems doomed to be split into separate camps. "It made me proud to see Gipe's video of how that cross atop the monument — which is the largest cross in the world — exploded before my eyes," he says.

Nick Gentry's Digital Montage Number 1
Nick Gentry
Nick Gentry's Digital Montage Number 1

"If only it could be true and the results leave an empty hole in that valley to plant moreras and that the tombs would blossom in violet, the color of patriots. But it's too late. All the artists, thinkers, and activists who tried to revolutionize that country are long dead and buried in the past, and their contemporaries live in a different land today."

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